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  1. Hi Ciel ..thanks so much for your message sweetie ..hope you and your family had wonderful Canada ���� Day celebration..we had lovely celebration for our community..all our hard work paid off that was wonderful..will check shoppers tomorrow..getting low on Diet Pepsi that i cant do without LOL ..have wonderful weekend and please take good care yourself sweetie
  2. Shoppers seems to have the best case pop price this week: $3.49 or or $3.99 for Pepsi brands in 12 can cases. I went to a couple of other stores and they are charging over $5 for the same cases. I wavered over the diet Pepsi wild cherry or regular Dr. Pepper on Sunday but went with a cheap chocolate bar instead. Keep eyes open for bright yellow caps on discarded bottles on your walks. Never know when you find a PIN cap!
  3. Good afternoon Ciel ..thanks so much for message ..always good hear from you’s beautiful day here in Newfoundland today .. finally we got see sun most day so far its 32 degrees and im loving every minute of it ..tomorrow it saying rain..just hope not ..our Volunteer Fire Dept. Is hosting Canada Day parade and free lunch for everyone in community..hopefully we dont get rain until things over with for today ..have get ready now head out for 3 to 4 hours help fire dept get things ready for tomorrow..have your self wonderful evening and lovely Canada Day take good care yourself sweetie
  4. Yes, the single serve Pepsi and the 12 can cases are the ones with contest PINs for Pepsi Stuff. Saving money by buying 6-pk pop keeps me out of contest contention--but yesterday I had to buy one Pepsi. Did not win a prize after entering the code.
    Keep comfortable and serene on the long holiday weekend, @Newfiescreech !
  5. Thanks so much for rep Ciel !! Diet Pepsi i buy at shoppers drug mart 6 bottles 710 ml in package..doesnt have any pin# ..hope you have wonderful ���� Canada Day long weekend ..thanks again sweetie and please take good care yourself
  6. I took care to enjoy my time yesterday-stopped at a lovely healing garden in my area for awhile. Bliss.
    Did you do something for you yesterday? Really need to change the holiday name to May 24 or beer long weekend soon!
  7. Ooh, you might be on holiday now, Newfiescreech but have a good time wherever you are!
  8. Thanks so much for rep Ciel ..hope your week is going great for you sweetie..Thanks again and please take good care yourself
  9. Happy New Year to you, Newfiescreech! Does the winter weather inspire you to bake, to shovel snow or to find a warm nook and read?
  10. Thanks so much Ciel for rep ..have wonderful evening and awesome weekend..Thanks again and please take good care yourself sweetie
  11. Thrifty Thursday--is your area forecast going to be a hot one like Southern Ontario's, Newfiescreech?
    Too hot to do much but think of pop or beverage deals.
  12. OK weekend-not stellar. How's the weekend where you are, Newfiescreech? Hope you have had time to enjoy your lovely bench too!
  13. Ohhh !!! sure hope you got that foot soak Ciel.. today i was busy getting things ready for our annual festival ..were having this Saturday with volunteer fire dept and firettes ..making sure all food were purchase .. all prizes for games .. ordering last few things we need .it kept me busy ..good thing i taken another week vacation help out ..hope your day was good for you ..take care yourself sweetie
  14. Going to have a lovely Epsom salt soak for my tired feet today! What plans have you for the day, Newfiescreech? Marvellous to get posts from you. ^-^
  15. Would it be possible for a neighbour with a seed broadcaster (the handheld kind or little barrel on wheels that is pushed) to help with spreading seeds? You might love to watch the grass growing! The wheel bench is so novel. Our town's BIA thought black metal benches looked historic enough for the old village area but wood is more accommodating and less hot than metal.
  16. Thanks for rep Ciel!! Hope you have wonderful Sunday afternoon.. Thanks again sweetie and Take extra care yourself
  17. My friend! I know the calendar says May but where is spring in your area? Is snow still holding on or is it melting away? It must be quite trying to read flyers with spring gear and clothing if the weather is holding on to wintry ways. Find your sunshine.
  18. Thanks so much for rep Ciel!! Hope your having wonderful week so far .. Thanks again and please take extra care yourself sweetie
  19. Best part of Thurs night was noticing that the heat came on so there was a chance of wet laundry drying especially shoes and coat soaked in the rain! Hope you have a meltoff in progress and are seeing green growth emerging!
  20. Hi Ciel.. thanks for your lovely message.. Nooo spring here yet ..spring hasn't sprung in Newfoundland yet .. Mother Nature is still dumping lots of snow on us .. We just got two day storm Thursday and Friday.. there's snow drifts 5 to 6 feet tall .. most snow we got all winter this time.. plus there's another storm coming late tonight and in to morning another 20 to 30 cm and high winds up to 100 kmph and then on Tuesday another storm .. hope forecast is wrong but I douth it .. Gordon Pinsent got great advertising.. when I read your post spring is sprung for you .. your yard cleaning up ..wish it was us doing same thing .. My crocus ,daffodils and tulips won't bloom this year .. tooo much snow .. have wonderful nite and Take extra care yourself sweetie
  21. Love your greetings, Newfiescreech. I really want to be in your province one day to see the flower blowing in the wind like in the Gordon Pinsent voiced tourism ads! Has spring sprung where you are?
  22. Wishing you a sunshine-full day, Newfiescreech! Snow melt, birds singing, random money on ground finds. You know, a good day!
    Last night was relaxing. Managed to avoid a visitor. Happy about that and my hot chocolate drink.
  23. Did you notice that your missing friend on SC posted in the Roll Up the Rim thread today?
  24. Hi Ciel.. my weekend is going good.. not into watching Super Bowl .. catching up on few good movies that I didn't get chance watch .. PVR them last few weeks ago .. hope your having wonderful evening.. enjoy your popcorn and Super Bowl
  25. Hello, Newfiescreeh! I am seeing Super Bowl commercials online (Twitter). Need to make some popcorn. How is your evening?
  26. Went out into the sunshine-hump day survival instinct! How did you fare on Wed?
  27. Thanks so much Ciel for your message.. always good to hear from you sweetie.. hope your having wonderful nite .. hope you have wonderful weekend. Thanks again and Take good care yourself sweetie ����
  28. Snow and I go way back! Tomorrow is chase the free treats for birthday day! Year of the Rooster too for me (48).
    Hope the snow in your province behaves and melts on the weekend!
  29. Give your Thursday whatever you can, Newfiescreech! Chase rainbows and befriend unicorns. Could be a pot of gold leprechaun in your area
  30. Hello, Newfiescreech! Hope you made lots of warm memories on your sunshine getaway in December!
    Very weak sun is out here today in Hamilton, ON! I will take a walk for some fresh air soon.
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