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  1. Thanks so much for the rep Ciel!!
  2. Thanks for the rep Ceil!!
  3. Thanks so much for the rep last week!!
  4. Have a wonderful day and thanks for the rep! and yes I have craft plans for the sequin gunny sack!!
  5. You are most welcome, thriftygranny! Yes, I miss posting more often. Glad I can "travel by DVD" to make up for the lack of Internet at home. Saves me airport time, money and lineups! ^-^
  6. Thanks for the rep ciel and you are so right, shredding paper left right and center!! Missing your posts now that you aren't on so much!
  7. I'm glad you had a good birthday, love the chai tea!!
  8. I'll have to try an independent bakery or two to see if they have this scrumptious creation! Not likely to be found at Fortinos, land of dark chocolate drizzle on crossiants. Thanks
  9. Black forest turnovers are fantastic!!chocolate and cherry filling in a flaky strudel pastry!!
    thanks for the rep!!
  10. Thanks for the rep Ciel, I am feeling quite a bit better today, but still weak, hoping tomorrow is much better!Have a wonderful evening.
  11. Thanks for the rep Ciel, hope you'Re having a great weekend!!
  12. Have a wonderful weekend Ciel!
  13. Take a turn outside while it's sunny and warm to enjoy the fall show before the rain comes along to cool things off. Play with leaves or a pet.Make something yummy for you!
  14. Thanks so much for rep Ciel, things are slowly getting into a routine and walking is just what I need to release some stress!
  15. Thanks so much for the REPS!!Have a wonderful day!!
  16. Thanks for the Rep Ceil!!!!
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