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  1. She's being a nice girl latley ever since we had to put her "brother" on anti-depressants. Yes, a cat, on anti-depressants. He seriously had ADHD and OCD. He was OBSESSED with Rosie and while she loved the attention she would be constantly hissing and growling. All is well. She does need to go get her "hair did" (cut) in about another month or so its getting quite long. I call her "Priny" sometimes short for princess. Or Princess Lina since I originally wanted to call her Rosalina. (A pretty name for a pretty stuck up girl!) Rosalina is now just a nickname though.
  2. How's Rosie or should I say Princess Rosie doing? I love looking at her picture. As I mentioned she's the Female version of my Sable a.k.a. Todie. Ottawa is very cold today but so Sunny! I love days like this. Blue Sky and all is Sparkly!
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