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  1. Hope your doing ok...noticed you haven't logged on for awhile!
  2. Hey just wanted to say hello! I had stopped getting on here for awhile but now I'm back. Had hip surgery in August so we were in the states for 7 weeks. Hope your doing well and we definitely need to get together for coffee sometime!! We've been saying that for so long now lol;.
  3. Hey Hey! Doing good here...except the heat. Its ridiculous! Makes me so glad I'm not in Missouri right now. They have been having days of up to 112 in temp. I would love to get together with you if we can do it before the end of this month. I'm leaving the first week of August to go back to Missouri for a month. I had surgery on my left hip last year and now its time to do the right hip unfortunately. If you can get together before the end of the month gimme a shout. Otherwise definitely we will have to when I get back in September!! =) Have a great day!!
  4. Hi Ashley, Sorry for the dealyed response!! Hope you are well and that the summer is going well for you. I am trying to get my coffee catch up's all caught up..wanna get together some time in Aug? Let me know.
  5. Just dropping by to say hello and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Hope your doing well!
  6. Hey long time no speak, great to hear from you! How are you and how is life treating you? We seriously have to set up a time to get together for a coffee.
  7. Just dropping by to say hello! Haven't talked to you in awhile! Hope your doing well and enjoying the WONDERFUL weather we are having! Take care.
  8. Hey! Yeah I haven't been on here much. Thought about quitting SC altogether. Someone on here really upset me and I just stay away from here now for the most part. How are you doing? I think we are getting together again on Saturday the 16th or Sunday the 17th for people in this area if you are free then? Hope your having a great week!
  9. Hi! Long time no speak.. hope you are keeping well.
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