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  1. Thank you, was pretty low-key; we ordered Chinese food in, watched 2 movies: "Heat" and "Mud" (now isn't that a combination, though?! lol!) and had wine, and that was that. Today our DD is taking me out for lunch, and on Saturday, dinner and the theatre show "Our Town" (which my hubby is almost dreading since he's seen it before and isn't a fan) with DD and her hubby. Man o man, I sure don't feel 64......when did that all happen?!!
    This week is NOT a good diet week, and I was doing so well getting back on that wagon! Hope you're having a sunny week, Hon...Lynn
  2. I hope you had a great birthday
  3. Yay for joining us, Curt!
    If you're looking for a good program, try WW don't have to join...just o their free thingy where it asks for your weight, and you'll get your total points for the day!
    Thenyou hop over here
    and use it to find out all the stuff you can eat! And there's lots and you'll never be hungry!If you ever need help with foods, etc, I'm here!
    Good luck, Hon!
  4. Merry Christmas, you and your little girl; and all the very best in the NewYear!
  5. Thank you and same to you!
  7. Happy Birthday. Hope you're having a good one and continue to have a good vacation.
  8. thank u
  9. Blessings throuout the New Year!!!...Lynn
  10. it's ok
  11. Grrr. I have no idea what the heck was just a Christmassy thingy. Weird that it didn't show up...sorry 'bout that....:-(
  12. Curt, do you mean the thingy I see below your post? I also sent you a private that the one you didn't receive? Man...sometimes I think I'm getting too old to be playing on a computer! LOL!!!
  13. whatever you just sent i didn't receive it.
  14. ....Lynn!
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