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  1. Happy Holidays db!
  2. Hi Ecat! Kitties are doing fine, although Quark had a bit of a problem. We're shopping for a new mattress, and I got to run now. We'll chat later.
  3. Wishing you the best of the Holiday Season DB!
  4. Quark's doing fine. My other normal cat (Kira) was mad at me yesterday, however. I had a beer with dinner, and she likes to play with the bottle cap. However, I don't like it because she plays with the cap teeth towards the floor, and I don't want her to scratch the hardwood floors. When I confiscated her play thing, she followed me around for a while to see if I would give it back
  5. New Orleans, from what we saw, was OK. But the downtown core and the French Quarter was not impacted much by the flooding. Still, on the way from the airport, it looked OK.
  6. Yes, I'd like to get up close for the concert too... I'm planning to arrive before the door open, hang back for a little bit, than work my way up front... We'll see.
  7. That's great dB, glad you can come. Yea, I entered on the S.A. site, I've won a few times on there. Didn't win from the Q so I was lucky I entered through the S.A. site. It will be a great show. I like to get up close for the good shows so I don't think I'll be staying at the back where everyone usually meets, but I will get back there for a bit to say hi. I'll be the place will be packed.
  8. see you tomorrow at the Sound Academy... Maggierocks kindly gace me her second pair of tickets. I'm glad you managed to score a pair too. Maybe I should have tried on the Sound Academy website...
  9. Thanks for the sunny weather wishes. I sure hope so. By the forcast the first few days will be but then it supposed to get cloudy, I sure hope not. We'll see; with only 7 days you want everyday to be great. Well, I won't complain after all i did win the trip, something I've wanted for a long, long time. Take Care db!
  10. Have a wonderful trip... I hope you only get sunshine and nice hot weather.
  11. Hi Ecat! Hope you had fun in Quebec. Certainly sounds like you were busy. I guess you'll have to go back another time to enjoy the Ice Hotel.
  12. Wishing you, Kira and Quark the best of the holiday season and in 2011!
  13. Thanks db! I'm not looking forward to this appointment, I've only heard bad things about a break in your tooth like this. Well, I'm just going to have to go through whatever he thinks is best, just hope the freezing works really well!!! What a suck eh? Looked at your pics, that one on the right isn't Quark is it? Looks pretty big!
  14. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your tooth. Good luck at the dentist tonight...
  15. No, I had my umbrella. Mostly the feet and the bottom of the pants got soaked... They're almost dry by now.
  16. Oops!, wanted to hit Shift and hit Enter by mistake on your rep. Was going to say: Guess I'll just go home and spend my evening with the kitties.
  17. That's good there are no bite marks on Quark, you'd think if Kira likes to chew on you so much she'd be doing it to Quark too! Hopefully she doesn't get scratched much but I guess it's only natural for them to play a little rough. One kitten at the Humane Society last week was being very rough with his mother and she just lyed there and took it, letting out little yelps!!! Nice Mom!!! Have a good day!
  18. Hi Evelyn, Kira is really cute. Such innocent eyes. Her favourite passtime is too chew your finger to the bones, while looking up at you with her innocent eyes... They do get along, although I find they play a little bit too hard sometimes. But I don't see any claw or bite marks on Quark, so I guess it's all good.
  19. Wow, great kitten pics db! Kira is really cute as is Quark! Hope they get along good, looks like they do, thanks for posting those! Have a good night!

    I'm sure it will make Quark much happier to have a sister to play with a sleep with!
  20. Hi, my brother was always my best friend (and still is). Hardest thing I did in my life was move away from home (and not just to Toronto, but all the way to Vancouver!)
  21. Oh, that's nice getting another kitty, I'm sure Quark will appreciate it! I always say its better to have another of their own kind for animals to be with whether its a cat or dog! Yes, the price of purebreeds has gone up, it used to be $500 to $800 now its $600 to $1500! Scottish folds are also cute and sound pretty neat if you've read the Norton books written by the writer who had one and took him all around the world with him, hotels would get ready for them and give special things to Norton! You should read the books if you haven't
  22. Hi Evelyn, thanks for the rep. Yep, that's what the going rate for sphynx cats are. We ended up picking a little sister for Quark (with hair, a couple who rescued a street cat that was pregnant). We called her Kira to keep with the Star Trek DS9 theme. She's a cutie!
  23. Hi Evelyn, wasn't much on the computer over the weekend. Yes, the cat is scratching and biting everything, with a foundness for fingers and toes. He keeps jumping on the kitchen table/counter looking for food. He eats the plants. Just your average, healthy 4 months old kitten
  24. Sounds like Quark is really playful, that's great. Hope you can post a picture when you get back. Paris again, wow, hope you enjoy it and its not all work!

    It was hot in Aruba but the constant breeze makes it nice!
  25. Hey there! You sure missed some hot and muggy days here. Sounds like you had a great time. Quark is doing fine, getting a little bigger and a whole lot wilder. He was a bit shy at first, but now he runs everywhere, jumps on counters, and started playing with the plants (a big NO NO on that one). He still sleeps with us under the cover, but tends to wake up at 5:30am (I usually get up at 6:10am on weekdays). He's a handful, that's for sure. We took some picture, but they're still on the camera. And now I'm leaving for Paris for one week, so don't know when I'll post them.
  26. Have a good vacation! Glad to hear you found your camera. Good luck getting up tomorrow. I hate these charter flights, that either leave way too early, or on the way back land at 2am.
  27. Yeah, to picking up your new kitten, thats exciting! Post a pic if you can! Hope you enjoy your weekend, you should with your new addition give him/her lots of TLC!
  28. Great, great day to enjoy your beautiful pool for sure, have a swim for me!

    Hope you enjoy the concert tonight and your Montreal trip. All sounds great!

    I'll be hearing some more outdoor music down here. Theres a few bands playing over at Woodbine Park throughout the weekend with a rib fest. Love those outdoor free rock and blues shows!
  29. Hi Evelyn. The trip is business. I work for a French company, and get to go to head office once a year, although this year I will be going a second time in September. Let's hope the Iceland volcanos behave!!!
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