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  1. happy valentine's day, felix and deals
  2. well i like oj with my popcorn, what do you want, deals?

  3. LOL thanks for the laugh. yep lights and popcorn sounds great! sorry I just saw the posts. I had left and watched some tv and then finally stopped procrastinating and did the dishes. lol I am so tired now though. I was out a bunch yesterday adn then didn't get much sleep last night and today not any naps really so now I am tired. 10:15pm and ready to go to bed. lol well hopefully your night was good. ttyl
  4. we can put up lights, haha.
  5. Thanks!! sounds great! lol
  6. well then hi felix, and you too, kiddo
    hope you're doing well.
  7. hey you! I actually don't spend much time on here when I come on here so it can be hard to catch me. I had to laugh you called me kiddo because someone else I met recently calls me kiddo also. lol never been called that till now. lol anyways I am off to post a thread about something in the tea room. ttyl
  8. good to see you ,,,
  9. hi deals, some tulips? hope you're well
  10. hi, deals, noticed the extra back problem,
    sorry to hear/see that,,,,a song?
    rest eh,,,,,,,
  11. thanks for the rep, for this deals, it is too cute.
    glad you liked it. and happy birthday tomorrow,
  12. whoopi deals,,,
  13. hey, deals, yes i'd say laughing is a good idea.
    so, etc.
    thanks for the friend request.
    see you later on, olympics?
  14. haha thanks! it is funner to laugh than be serious or what not and I am happy to help give people a laugh! I hope your day is going good?
  15. hi, deals in case you didn't know,,,,
    has links for tsn, etc.,,,,
    i see you haven't been feeling well,
    hoping you improve,,,,
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