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  1. hahaha-they say dark chocolate is really good for you so maybe we should just go on a completely dark chocolate diet? I could deal with a diet like that. I would be willing to test it out too. lol well maybe not straight dark chocolate bc then I might get tired of it.... who am I kidding? get tired of chocolate? no never. lol
  2. Thinking of you and praying for a great result for you!

  3. Hoping things are okay in your world! Can't wait to see Felix in his Hallowe'en costume!

  4. awww thanks Natalka!!! I hope your having a good Monday!
  5. Good morning, deals! Hope you are doing well...
  6. thanks!!! Hope you had a great Halloween also!
  7. Thanks Natalka!
  8. Just wanted to say a big HI, and tell you I miss you! I truly hope things are okay in your world...

  9. Hiya! We had steady rain these last weeks, didn't get to the point of flooding, which was good! However, it's been nice to see the sun this past weekend - and today it felt hot at 25!
  10. it's been tough but I am trying to hang in there! hey you flooding? we got 4.5inches of rain last week! it was nasty! hopefully it didn't make it's way to you. maybe the clouds went dry before they reached you? lol hopefully you are ok!
  11. thanks Natalka! I will definitely try! in terms of the weather-on the positive side if we don't drown from all the moisture, it will help everything grow really really well! we will just need to get some sunshine though. what does that look like again? lol It has made itself scarce this week.
  12. well the snow was a day late here so don't celebrate yet. lol Apparently it is supposed to keep snowing over night. not happy about it. We are trying to keep the greenhouse above freezing though so the plants dont freeze which has been a fun job this week. I know what you mean about the rain though-right now I would take rain over the snow though. it is supposed to warm up after tomorrow though so I hope they are right. today my stomach has been very upset though-I think I ate something with milk in it and I didn't know it had milk in it until my stomach acted up. I hate when I forget to check the ingredient list and I pay for it! it is quite bad today though so I spent most of the day curled up on my bed except for the trips to the bathroom.
  13. Hi hon!!! We haven't had snow (yet?) just enough rain already! The forecast was maybe for snow today, but it hasn't come (yet!). Can do without it! At least I had nothing planted yet... Did you have anything affected? Glad to see you around here again; hope you are okay
  14. Hi Natalka-how is your weather? I hope you don't get the snow we got! The snow that didn't melt and stayed on the ground measured 4inches and that was a few hrs ago-it just keeps snowing but it is also melting now a bit. so I don't think there is more than 4inches on the ground. this is crazy! Even for Alberta!
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