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  1. Lynn, thanks for stopping by my facebook site! I was so happy you loved my pieces...I think you should have a facebook page..People really look and give such great feedback! If you do, let me know and I will LIKE your page...You have a great day too, Hon. Please post more pictures( I love everything you make)
  2. It worked, and I posted a comment....Wow! Gorgeous!!
    I took all the photos, personal information, etc down from my Facebook page and rarely if ever go there...I should start posting my crafts, too!
    Take good care, Hon, and have a lovely day!...Lynn
  3. sorry Lynn, try this one it doesn't work....if you copy and page this into google search it will work.
  4. Lynn, I have alot more pictures on my facebook page. I hope it's ok to post my page on here
  5. Thank you Lynn!
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