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  1. It was a proud moment!
    His area of study was last, so I had to get up and walk,but I made it through.
    Thanks for asking.
    Hope you're keeping cool!
  2. Skippy, How did the graduation go for you?
  3. Thanks, I'm heading out in a few minutes
  4. Skippy, you are always in my thoughts and prayers!!! Tomorrow will be a positive day for you and your son...because, I am sending all my positive energy your way!!! Let me know how you both did. The sun will shine on you tomorrow!
    Your friend
  5. Please pray for me tomorrow as I'm in agony but my Son is
    graduating, and I'm going.
    Many Thanks!
  6. Unfortunately only online
  7. Skippy, You are such a kind and wonderful person!!
  8. Happy Valentine's Day!
  9. Thank you
  10. I hope your back pain is better tomorrow skippy! Saying a little prayer for you.
  11. And to you!
  12. Happy New Year Skippy!!!!
  13. A little secret.....I don't always listen either!
  14. Well I don't listen-No kidding! Tee!Hee!
  15. Thanks for the rep!!!!Sorry skippy! my husband does listen to me!!I fixed my post...... To Great husbands Everywhere!!!!!!
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