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  1. Oh my goodness!! That seems early for snow It was around 50F today here, I wore my sandals!! but that won't last for long!! I'm sure we will get ours sometime soon!! Take care & hope it melts so you can go shopping or Mega bonus!!
  2. YES, Snow in PEI!!! I'm jealous hearing about your warm weather! We're supposed to get 15-20 cm overnight, the first snow is always the worst, accidents all over today!
  3. Thats a great idea!! Nice of you to donate!! Hope you find lots of Dove!!
  4. Thanks Carly, never thought of that with the 2 different scents of Dove soap...I have alot of those coupons, so it's definately worth it to stock up, even to donate to the food bank or women's shelter!
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