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  1. THANKS for the heads up!! I usually stop in there every couple weeks or so to pick them up! They are AWESOME for tear-pads.
    I was going to let you know about the insane deal at SS right now too. THey have selected Kelloggs on for $1.69/box...then there is a coupon zone coupon (I found them on the back coupon board) for $3 WUB 3 kellogs!!! So $.69/ box, then I paired that with the $2 off kellogs bars WUB 2 cereal. So for about $13, I got 12 boxes of cereal, and 6 boxes of rice crispy treats!!! Also they have all their Olay for 50% off, paired with the $5 P & G coupon!! CHEAP!!
  2. New coupons at Co-op stores..........
  3. So nice meeting you also........stay in touch.....Will have to pick up some coups for wipes also........

    Freezer stogged, {if that is a word}.
    Granddaughter exhausted.
    And now I have my husbands christmas party to attend, should be a blast.
  4. SOOOO exciting to meet you & your beautiful family this morning! Hope you got everything you wanted, and have fun shopping tomorrow! I went to SS, but the coupons that I found were only for C-plus & Ginger Ale, and they were out of the GingerAle. Oh Well, they do have new $1 off huggies wipes (64 count or more) so I grabbed afew in hopes that NoFrills might have their $2 sale! Anyways, have a great weekend!
  5. Welcome.......lots of money to be little time to find all the bargains....LOL
  6. Hi! Just noticed that you were from PEI! I've been looking for more island couponers! There doesn't seem to be too many out there. I'm still getting used to this board, as I just joined, but have been reading for a long time. Anyways, just wanted to say 'Hi'! Hoping we can share some hints and tips to coupons on PEI
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