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  1. It's been awhile, but you are missed on the threads. I hope everything is ok with you. Come back as soon as you can.
  2. thank you & the same 2 you
  3. thanks, I'm in rep jail, but I hope u enjoy the rest of hump day
  4. thank you; hope u have a wonderful w/end
  5. thx Val; not around much right now, but trying 2 do some - catch u later
  6. Have a safe trip Hicks - I know this must be very difficult for you to do!
  7. thank you; wasn't around much today & won't be tomorrow either, so have a great day
  8. ur cell is just perfect 4 you !!!! pink, with flowers too - lucky you lol
  9. You're always very welcome!! And yup, I've been jailed too - seems to be happening too quickly these days, but do check out my new cell - they decorated it for me since I spend so much time there! Have a great day!!!
  10. thank you; I'm in rep jail, as usual
  11. thank you; have a good day
  12. thanks; much preferred the sun yesterday; was able 2 work outside !!
  13. thank you; hope ur day is going well
  14. thx - hope u enjoy ur eve
  15. thank you; have a great day
  16. thanks, glad u liked it; have a fun eve
  17. thanks for the rep; have a good eve
  18. thank you - in rep jail again; I think I spend more time in than out lol I hope ur day's going well
  19. thanks r the rep on this sunny day
  20. thank you for the rep; hope ur having a great w/end
  21. thank you; enjoy ur w/end
  22. thanks; here's to a QUITE, but busy Friday
  23. thank you; I hope urs was great
  24. thank u; enjoying the sun; just got back from a walk - nice out right now
  25. you & me both; haven't slept well since my husband died, wake every hour & 1/2 or so & would also go outside to have a look; it was beautiful !! Would love to have been lying on a beach watching it !!
  26. Moon was totally amazing wasn't it!! I'm a lousy sleeper and would get up throughout the night and enjoy it - in fact had been for quite a few nights leading up to the full moon!
  27. thank you, a busy Monday !!
  28. thx Val; did u see that moon ?? c u tomorrow
  29. thanks; hope u have a great w/end
  30. thank you; again, I REALLY like ur graphics !!! They have to be the cutest.
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