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  1. Have a great weekend....GOBBLE TILL YOU WOBBLE.

  2. To be honest, for all I know I could be related to him. I don't know anyone on my father's relatives except a few Aunts and Uncles....who knows
  3. OK, I was just checking, as I was going through the media clips from the Chronicle-Journal and Gord Ellis had written an article and mentioned him. Being TBay and all I put two and two together and obviously got 0! Happy Saturday!
  4. Not related to anyone who has a fish magazine. Maybe I'll write to his and claim to be is long lost relative who needs fishing supplies
  5. You are too funny! Me fighting fires! My coupons could burn! No, seriously, I would be acting in my normal professional capacity as a communicator! No front lines for me! And btw, are you related to a Steven with the same last name as you that has a Fish magazine? Inquirering minds want to know!
  6. What would do have to do if they deployed you to Pickle Lake....actually fight the fire? I could just picture you handing our coupons and freebies while working.
  7. Am currently visiting the folks in SSM as we speak, but leaving later today as I work tomorrow! My parents hosted our family reunion this weekend which saw 50+ family members descend on SSM from all over the place! DH and I worked our butt off the last three days helping my folks, so not much of a vacation but nice to see family that I haven't seen in many years! Will be back in SSM on the 11th as Jack's BD is the 12th and he is with my folks for the summer, so no rest for the wicked! Other than that, life is good but busy! Almost got deployed at work to Pickle Lake to work the fires, but so far managed to escape fire duty. Crossing fingers fires subside. Glad to hear you had a great visit to TBay and hope you got your fill of Persians, Hoito and fish . Glad to know there is another Northern Fishergirl that I can hang with on here . Happy Tuesday!
  8. Hey has your summer been so far? I just got back from my visit home. Had a great time with my brothers kids had me going none stop. Got in a little bit of fishing and I was the only one who caught anything, which really annoyed my brother the fisherman. Let me know what's new with you.
  9. Hello local information pusher! Hope all is well with you? The last month has been a whirlwind, not to mention I was in Peterborough for most of this week for work, including the drive there and back Things are good here, despite the yo-yo weather. Hope you are enjoying the summer so far?
  10. So glad to hear from you...I was starting to get worried and I was going to send Cabmonk out with a search party.

    Glad to hear you had a great time...hope the black flies didn't get you too much. Things here are quiet like usual, but that's fine with me.
  11. Just got back today from a week at a cottage deep in the bush with the black flies, loon and walleye, so needless to say my long weekend was a great week How was yours my dear?
  12. Hope you had a relaxing long weekend.
  13. Hey what's shakin'?

    I just noticed a new member from Timmins ippy. Just thought I'd let you know.

    Any big plans for the long weekend?
  14. Thank you very much for the sweet greeting! Happy St Urho's Day to you! This is when you need to go to the hoito for mojakka and pancakes
  15. Thanks my friend for the compliments on the new do. I know what you are going through re. hairdresser leariness. It took me four years to find a decent hairdresser here. Hope it's not that long for you? Kudos on the donating hair thing! I know two people at work who do it too! One of them is a guy and of Japanese ancestry, so he was able to pull of a ponytail without issue It's a very admirable thing of you to do. I wouldn't be able to do it! After two months my hair drives me nuts Nevermind seven! Hope you are enoying your day off! It's been clean-up here and I just tossed three big garbage bags full of junk from our bedroom. Can you say pack rat? Thanks for touching base. Keep doing it Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying a sunny day! Sunny here but dreadfully cold! Take it easy, talk soon!
  16. Hope you are having a fabulous Family Day with your wonderful family.

    Fantastic pics with your new do. I am in desperate need of a's been more than 7 months. Oh the joys of moving to a new town and not knowing who to go to. I could simply keep growing it and donate it again but I'm a long way from that and I don't think I can handle it much longer. I've donated my hair twice before.
  17. Happy Heart Day

  18. It was colder here today too but I welcomed it because the sun was shining. I miss the sun, it is always cloudy here.
  19. You know it my friend! How goes it in Central Ontario? Missing the cold weather ? Hope all is well with you, E.
  20. Yowsers....stay warm today!!!
  21. I'll be heading home tomorrow. Hope you have a great holiday with your family.

  22. I know what you mean... The Southern Ontario implants are all bundled up around hear and I am still wearing my fleece. We have snow but it as only gone down to -17, so I am not breaking out the -40 belowwear just yet Happy Thursday!
  23. How are things? People down here are funny. They already have their wool coats out and I'm still wearing my fall sweaters. I refuse to break out my "winter" coats until there is snow on the ground.
  24. Thanks for the comments on Jack's costume! His choice, not mine And Smokey and I go way back... when you live in the bush, everyone knows Smokey
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