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  1. I was away from home/the computer, so belated Merry Christmas! And...
  2. Thank you darling! I hope you & your beautiful family had a wonderful Easter.
  3. Well, I got lucky with perfect sleepers, it seems.
    Luna was HORRIBLE until she hit 6 months, but after 8 months, she's been on the best schedule ever. And Asher was even better. He's been sleeping through the night (13 hours STRAIGHT) since 4 months. And even before that, he was sleeping pretty great.
    I find myself calmer with him, since I know what I'm doing (been there, done that lol) and since I get enough sleep this go around, I find myself less stressed.

    I hope your 2 are as good to you as mine are to me.

    Oh, and we do have a slight jealousy issue, sometimes. But only when it comes to toys or grandma, lol.
  4. Almost same as mine Exactly 15 months apart.
    At least your daughter loves her brother - mine is very jealous and wants all the attention for herself!!! But, they are growing together and they won't remember one day without each other *hopefully Even tho' they are sooo much work....!
  5. 18 months and 4 days lol.
  6. LOL So adorable!!! How many months are they apart?
  7. Yeah, she loves HER baby, lol. I ask for a kiss, I don't get one. I tell her to kiss Asher, he gets like 50, haha.
  8. Oohhhh.....isn't your daughter the sweetest big sister!!!!
  9. Thank you for reminding me to update that pic lol.
  10. By the way, i love your picture here - both your kids are sooo cute!!!
  11. *Cheers!!!
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