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  1. I went to Dixie/Dundas WM
  2. It's redirected to websaver. You need to go here:
    Enter for the contest and then it will offer coupon
  3. I will be walking in the mall anyway so let me know which exit is convenient for you and I will come there and meet you. I will call you by noon.
    I have 2x $3 Venus Olay
  4. do you have any P&G $3 venus olay???? i will be bringing my binders anyways maybe we can work a larger trade
  5. ok tomorrow 12noon food court will be busy but ok wit it so.........tomorrow in front of the food court then... you mean by the elevator right? you can call me.....
  6. I am thinking we could meet tomorrow at noon in front of the food court? How does that sound to you? I can call you tomorrow morning to confirm if you would like.
  7. awww, thanks Happy Love day to you too.......
  8. Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Hey no worries....It was a pleasure....
    Whenever you see something on my list please let me know! Hopefully we can meet sometime
    Have a good evening!
  10. Hey Eva Thanks for the trade....It was really nice meeting you in person too....hopefully next time we can go for coffee or just a simple 1 on 1 swap!!! let me know...sorry i couldn't chat a lil bit but i had a Board Meeting to attend at 7 so i was running late!!!
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