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  1. ok so just saw you full list under your profile and am interested in the following coupons:

    maple leaf portions $5 chicken breast portions exp June 30/2012.

    $1 Astro original yogurt 650g,750g, 500g Dec.31/2013

    5x65cents Eagle brand sweentened condensed milk April/2012

    2x$2 wub2 Ziploc products (only the Jan.31/2012 please not the dec 2011)

    4x$1 wub2 Dawn products Jan.3/2012

    75cents Tre stelle ricotta or mascarphone cheese March 31/2012

    $1 Glad cling wrap 60m,90m and 152m April 1/2012

    4x$1 any Tide laundry detergent Jan.3/2012

    can you tell me how many of each you have for those you did not mention quantity?
    also would love the portion chicken can I convince you if I have no free purchase of choice coupon? let me know

    I will make my list in the am and pm you to let you know it is up
    thank you and have a good evening.
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