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  1. It died.
    I'm not sure why. I don't know a lot about tarantulas, I just read a lot about them (enough to make a french wiki lol).
    One day she like, felt down on the side, weak, slack.

    I found out, waited a little in case it would be like the first time she was molting and I was thinking she was dead because she was on her back...

    After several days worms were coming out.

    I heard males don't live long, so maybe it was a male.
    She did molt like 2 days before dieing, but I don't think it's because of the molting that she died I sort of think she molted because she was going to die... But I may not be right so maybe it was a molting problem..

    Anyway Take care of yours!!
  2. what happend to ur tarantula? did it die or u gave it away?
    i have many tarantula, cat, rat, i love all kids of animals
  3. Yes they are so nice..
    I sometimes wish I still had one... uhm...
    This was mine (the picture)
    I made the french wikipedia if you have any question hahaha
  4. yeah its a mexican rose, cute little things arent
  5. Hey I used to have a spider like that!! It's a rosy?
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