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  1. Thanks. I need the NP, so I'll sell them.
  2. Do what you want with them I don't care haha I just have fun buying cute things rather than giving nps
  3. OH! I feel dumb now. They just looked at the referral!
  4. OMG! The items are so cute! Thanks so much. They're worth like what my account is worth, lol. I guess I'll keep them to be polite.
  5. I did too, it's in your referall link haha
  6. How they knew my username before I posted it, I don't know. EVEN SCARRIER! lol
  7. Hahaha someone else from here who added you probably
  8. Who's this Sage guy then?....I'm scared,lol. I just looked for my oldest new Neofriend. (oldest meaning longest membership) Thanks so much for the grundo. Happy valentine's day!
  9. Hahaha I sent you the valentines grundo, good guess

    It's nothing I don't do much with my nps haha
    But my account is not sage61104 it's fallen_paladin666 (my brother made it grr!) Event mistake?
  10. Are you sage61104? If so, thanks for the Grundo!
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