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  1. I seen that post too! I just shook my head and moved on! Once these start coming I can see ppl trading them for outrageous amounts sadly
  2. the sad thing is that I saw someone in the trade section was asking for an 8$ giftcertificate for each code. you don't even pay that much for the cereal to buy it. I could maybe understand 5$ to cover the cost of the cereal (I wouldn't trade that much but could understand it) but to make a profit and having the food on top of that is just beyong greedy imo.
  3. I couldnt agree more with you about the cereal ordeal! Its like ppl are being savages about them!!! I lucked out and found a few the other day but buy 6, 8, 10, boxes of cereal is rediculous!!!!! The big coupons are going to be redeemed before the rest of the country have a chance of getting any!!!
  4. Happy Birthday
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