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  1. Ahhhh I've been doing alright, everything is fairly stable for the time being. You must've been busy over summer! My son just started university this month, his classes are till 10pm on some nights. It's been busy busy here. We had some out of town guests living with us for 6 weeks......I'm happy he moved out lol hahaha I don't like live in's hehe
  2. Hey there buddy, how's it been going? All is well, just busy busy, but hopefully life slows down a bit and I can come visiting more often.
  3. Hi Moe, I'm doing ok, how about you? Glad to see you back, we've missed you dreadfully!
  4. All is well, busy like usual, but trying to behave and save up some extra money for car repairs. But family is all ok.
  5. Happy V Day and I'm doing ok, how r things with you? I'm just busy lately with all the going on's around my place. My kid is going to Ottawa with my niece and he wants to check out the University of Waterloo. It's been hectic
  6. GPG!!! How the heck r ya? Thanks for the reps. How's things been going?
  7. Merry Christmas!
  8. Happy Halloween Moe!
  9. Hey you, I have been wondering how you are. Hope things are going well, and yep, we'll catch up.
  10. Hi!!!!! How are you doing? I havent seen you in a long time :D Update me when you get the chance!

    Seems very nice, and you guys have the same places to shop.
  12. I am glad to hear the move went well, and was aksing cause we have a new member from Thunder Bay I thought you might want to just pop in and say hello. I'll send ya her link.
  13. Hiya friend. The move went really good, finally all settled in. I like the new place, very peaceful and the landlord is a nice older couple who feeds us too
    Yes I am in T Bay, why do you ask? How have things been with you? All's well I hope
  14. Hey there my bud, haven't gabbed in awhile. How did the whole move go? Got a question, are you in ThunderBay? My mind is slipping on me these days, lol.
  15. So hows the new place treating ya?
  16. Ok, not a problem, I will fill my name in where your's was. And yep we will see ya on the next one. I will be getting the other thing we talked about done up as well, moe.
  17. Thanks moe, I have another apt to look at comes available Jan 1st. I'm gonna sit this one out (Exchange). I'm just too busy right now to find time to do it. Just started a new job working from home for my sister, doing her books for her company. I will be in the next exchange for sure
  18. Oh man, that sucks. And there is nothing you can find? Well of course there isn't or you would of found it by now. Wish I had an asnwer to help ya out gpg, let me know about the exchange tonight or first thing in the a.m., Moe.
  19. Hi there gpg, how's things going? How is the whole situation about yopur apartment? I haven't been on in about a week and have nissed a bunch of stuff, you may need to update me, lol. Hope you are having a good day, and will talk later, just off to work, MOe.
  20. Morning gpg, haven't been on all week, man that can drive a person crazy. Thanks for the rep boost, and hope to gab soon, Moe.
  21. Ya to say the least, I am pretty angry about this stuff, she wont be allowed to move in, she owns her own home, plus she just moved in new tenants, the tribunal will wonder why she moved in people and now is selling her house to move in. She is in big trouble I think. No worries, my life is like a box of chocolates............ well you know the rest lol
  22. Holy crap, I just read your thread about your apartment, geez I'm so sorry your going through all this right now. I only rented a couple times, but this same event happened to me. The folks never did end up moving into the apartment, but by then I had already went and bought a small home, so didn't have the monry to fight them on it at the time. Wish I could give you some advice on it all but I really don't know much about it. Are you gonna start looking for another place just in case? You may be surprised and find something you like even more.
  23. HI gpg, good this morning thanks, long day at work yesterday and you know the usual crap. See ya later today, Moe.
  24. Hi Moe, how are you doing today? Just checkin in
  25. Just don't scroll down and hopefully you won't see it.
  26. Ya isn't it lovely? I should get a mod to remove, stating I'm too scared to visit my own wall lol
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