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  1. Thanks for the rep! Have a wonderful weekend!
  2. Thanks for the rep! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Orthodox Christmas on the 7th!
  3. All the best in 2012!
  4. Thanks for the rep! I like your new status - it echoes my feelings on "needs" versus "wants"
  5. Merry (Belated) Christmas to you as well!!
  6. Thanks SO much for the rep - and moreso, for your wonderful message!
  7. Thanks for the rep! Happy Friday & have a great weekend
  8. Thanks for the rep! Have a great Wednesday
  9. Thanks so much for the rep! Hope you have a great week!
  10. LOL, I completely forgot about the 22 minutes parody of Canada AM... I'll be missing that for sure, too!
  11. Thanks for the rep! Hope you're enjoying the chilly (but oh so sunny) weather!
  12. Thanks for the rep & have a great weekend!
  13. Thanks for the rep What a lovely quote, too! I love books - I'm re-reading a fabulous book by Carol Shields right now, in fact!
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