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  1. Thank you, heartgirl! Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends!!

  2. merry christmas, lynn and have a wonderful new year!
  3. belated merry christmas and happy new year!

    hope 2018 brings health, happiness and peace to you and your family

  4. merry christmas!
  5. happy birthday, lynn!

    hope you're having a terrific day full of family and fun and CAKE!!!

  6. What a cute summer drawing!! Thank you for the sweet rep, Hon!!
  7. You have a wonderful day, too, Heartgirl!!
  8. I didn't know you can put pictures into a rep!!!! Sheesh!! I guess the same way as in a post, right? Too cute! Fat pants, indeed...that comes after Thanksgiving. No. Wait. That's now, for me...gah!!!
    Have a lovely day, and thank you for the rep!
  9. , Heartgirl..have a wonderful day, Hon!!
  10. Thank you for the rep, Heartgirl....the worst (fingers crossed!) is over, only the healing is left to do...and the gals at physio at the hospital are so gentle with me...we've all been together so long, lol! I was making excellent progress until November, when the first two screws had to come out...onward and upward!!
    Have a lovely day, Hon!!
  11. Thank you, Sweetie! Good drugs=less pain, lol, so I'm doing okay... I should take a pic of this boo-boo, but only post it in my "album" so that the more squeamish among you don't need to see it....I hate staples!
    Hope you're having a lovely, sunny week, Heartgirl!
  12. Thank you, Heartgirl, I hope it's a walk in the park fir me, too! I'm up way too are you, btw?...but too nervous to sleep, time for a nice cuppa coffee. Take care, ?Hon, and have a lovely day.
  13. Thanks, Hon...NYC is a fabulous city! People are so friendly, shopping just tooooo much fun, theatres, restaurants...We went there 2 years ago because I always wanted to see the Rockettes Christmas Show, and it was wonderful, but of course, cold that time of the year, so we didn't do much walking. But, I think we may postpone it one more year with yet another surgery on my leg on Thursday to get all the hardware out if it, then back to physio to learn how to walk properly again....but next year? It'll be my light at the end of a very long tunnel!
    And how I'd everything in your neck if the woods, Heartgirl?
  14. Thank you, Hon....I surely didn't want to get cut into again, lol, but this pain really leaves me no choice; a friend said I'd feel a lot of relief from pain, as she felt when she had her hardware removed, so hoping it's the same for me!
    Have a wonderful day, Sweetie!!
  15. that's great, lynn! he's feeling the positive effects already!
    amazing, isn't it?
  16. Hi, Hon...thank you for the rep. He's doing just fine with his machine...such a trooper and instead of falling asleep watching tv, he was still bouncing around doing things while I was tired! What a difference! Have a lovely weekend, Heartgirl!
  17. Well, doing a room like that, really does make one want to continue. Which I did try to do today! I wanted to clean out the drawers in the buffet in the dining room, so I pulled out one drawer and bam! It fell to the floor! I broke one crystal candle holder, tidied the drawer, couldn't get it back in, so I took that as an omen to stop cleaning. Which I did. Quite a satisfactory day, all in all...

  18. have a happy easter, lynn!
  19. Thank you for the rep, Hon.....oh, honestly, this deep freeze is such a cruel joke this time of year when it's supposed to be more temperate...well, relatively temperate. I hope you're keeping warm and that you don't have to go into that mess out there! Hugs, Lynn
  20. GAH! I hit something wrong so that you got a very short rep!
    Yes, Don is quite the accomplished photographer, goes all over the world taking photos and had a book published last year....
    Wishing you a lovely week, Hon!
  21. can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!
  22. February 27th!!!!!!!

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