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  1. Did you get the brewer??
  2. plenty of time. They are good until Feb 2014
  3. definitely awesome! Thanks! Whats the expiry? Finding myself super busy these days.
  4. I'll put one aside for you!!
  5. Yes please! Would love to try it!
  6. I have 9 that I'm sharing around.
  7. you arent going to use it??
  8. I have FPC from the International Delight Bzzagent campaign. Wanted to know if you wanted one!
  9. not on a regular basis, but I DO like iced cappuccinos! Why? Whats up?
  10. Hey Lady! do you drink iced coffee?
  11. Haven't forgotten about you!! Life got a little crazy the last two days. Luckily family has cancelled dinner so I have plenty of time this afternoon to go through my coupons for you!.
  12. There was a member who tried to organize them but they never seemed to get going. Maybe with new blood there will be more interest?
  13. Im wondering if anyone in barrie gets together at a tim hortons or something, to do trades??
  14. I'll go through my stash and see what I have that you may like!

    I sometimes get an extra copy in the paper but I am assuming that those that get lots of them either do recycling bin walks or they get them from their friends and family.
  15. Thank you so much Sue (I am assuming your name is
    I only started couponing less than two weeks ago, so I missed out on a lot of good coups!
    Id be grateful for pretty much ANYTHING (besides baby stuff or vitamins or dogs).
    I have 2 teenaged girls (13, 16) , a 23 yr old son (still at home) and a cat. So cleaners, food, beauty I said..ANYTHING!
    I THREW AWAY the insert with the free scrunge...Im kicking myself for that!
    Question...HOW do you get multiples of the inserts??
  16. BTW, Welcome to the group!
  17. Hi! I'm at ferndale and ardagh. I have a load of extra coupons that are going spare that I need to sort out. Is there something specific you are looking for I may be able to RAOK them to you!
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