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  1. Nov 17-19 only WM has Star Trek on sale for $17!
  2. That sounds like a good job, meeting new people!

    I know a lot of stores offer 50% to employees because they want you to buy and use there merchandise, you just have to figure out which ones!

    Im gonna go hang out in the tea room to, seems like the hot spot today.
  3. whoa 50%!
    i used to do fragrance demo-ing and Lancome and it was a lot of fun selling all the gift sets and all that stuff
    yaaaaaaaawn ... i'm going to hide in the tea room lol
  4. I honestly sat here for a 5 minutes trying to think what I did instead and couldnt think of anything constructive I did hahaha.

    Well thats good about extra shifts, Im hoping I get into a nice store and not one full of snotty 16 year olds hahaha, OH and has a good store discount like 50% off!
  5. seriously, what did i do with my time before??? lol

    well, it would be crazy yes but you'd have extra $. i worked at the mall a few years at christmas and it was madness, but there were always extra shifts!
  6. LOL, I dont know how I lived without SC before I joined!?!?!

    Im not looking for anything in paticular, just something for extra cash, I was thinking the mall since I know everywhere is hiring right now, but I think that would be really crazy around christmas.
  7. thank GOODNESS for this yes or I'd go mad!! SC and MUSIC keep me sane lol.

    Anything in particular? or just any job?
  8. Ugh work, how boringgg!

    Well atleast you can come on SC, thats something hahaha.

    Im thinking about handing out resumes tomorrow but Im dreading it, I havent been to work in awhile!
  9. oh that's good.
    i just realized you had posted a pic of yourself in that old tea room thread and i didn't remember. now i know who i'm talking to lol

    i'm alright thanks, uber bored at work
  10. Im feeling okay

    I cant sit up much, so I haven't been around here very long, but it feels a lot better today!
    Hopefully by tomorrow it will feel great and the swelling will be gone.

    How are you doing??
  11. how are you feeling after a few days?
  12. LOL!

    He gives me are reason to drool, instead of looking crazy hahaha!!

    Thanks for the hugs, back at ya!
  13. *grin*
    i know what you'll be doing all afternoon
    for more than 1 reason
  14. ahh ... i'm so torn now hehe
  15. Now I may stay on your page for awhile.........

  16. nooooooooo you should not! lol

    oohh ... i may just stay on your page for a little while ...
  17. Thanks for the rep!

    Shall I order you 10 of my shirts???

  18. LOL!!

    Thats my halloween scare for this year!
  19. Lol ... TMI!! TMI!!! (kidding ahaha)
  20. Well you know its that time of the month, I can be grumpy for little bit

  21. tee hee

    awe, don't be a grouch!
  22. Well thank you!!!

    I was feeling grumpy but that made me smile, LOL!

  23. anytime! :D
  24. That is a nice colour!

    not so bright, thanks for the help

    Time to go shopping.
  25. lol
    if u don't want bright blue ... look at the color chart again on that listing ...
    3rd row down, 2nd to last color (beside brown) is a really nice shade
  26. Ohhh lmao!

    That's still a good price though!

    The grey is pretty, my problem is I always buy grey, black or brown. I need to be more adventurous!

    But I'm not sure, do you think the blue would look good with red hair?? I'm worried I'll look crazy hahaha.
  27. noooo the $6 ones are just the PATTERN
    the $17.95 are the actual HATS lol

    like this one

    you can choose your color too
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