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  1. yeah i dunno how canada got brought into it at all!
  2. Yes I do LOL, I'm actually a manager now.

    And from what I know stores in the UK are closing and that's it.
  3. Thank you I hope so to, would be so nice to be stress free for a while!
  4. tyvm April i hope you have some peace and relaxation in your life soon, i think you deserve it!!
  5. I totally agree, having someone you truly love kinda just makes the other stuff seem a little more bearable.

    I hope you two and your two boys have a fab Christmas
  6. thanks girl! it is quite nice to have something wonderful in my life amidst all the other chaos!!
  7. Okay those pictures are just TOOO flippin' cute. You two look SO happy.

    Just perfect!
  8. Oh bub, I am good! Just livin' life. Been busy busy for me lately since deciding to go back to school (freaky!) and doing something for me

    I was SO SO happy when I saw your thread. I thought about you all the time and wondered what you have been up to missy! Now that I know, I am just over the moon for you. You totally deserve it

    Congrats on the engagement, you have to keep me updated on all the wedding plans! weddings are my fav <3

    I must say I miss our hours long chats and picture posting haha!

    Speak to you soon,
    April xo
  9. Thank you! Made me smile, so thought it would make everyone else.
  10. Just popping in to say Hi and hope all is well and your feeling better
  11. She does now, I was like oh that's my online friend.

    She doesn't get online friends. HER LOSS :D
  12. lmao i can only imagine your friend thought you were nuts
  13. Heyy! Just dropping by to see how you're doing, haven't talked in awhile!

    I thought this may make you smile cause it made me LOL

  14. Have fun tonight!!!

  15. LMAO!!!

    Looks like he's enjoying the game...
  16. lmao u MUST come see the pic veevee posted on my page
  17. Hi !

    How are you??
  18. lmao... gee thanks!
    i will just visit this page for a grin.
    it literally makes me cover my mouth and giggle he's so cute tee hee
  19. ROFL.

    I went for the shocking picture just for you
  20. HAHAHA!! oh my goodness that gave me a heart attack i was like why is there a naked man on my page!! lmao. i prefer the grin
  21. hehe ... might be a few days til we get a chance to watch it here!!
  22. :D!!

    My bf brought it home on his was back from work, I want to watch it RIGHT now lmao/
  23. I bought it on my lunch!
  24. Yahooo!!
    I wasnt sure how much longer I could last LOL.

    This one is quiet nice...
  25. The ban is lifted!!
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