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  1. BUB!!! Hi, Sweet-Pea!!! How nice to have you drop in....I hope you and your hubby are enjoying the lovely summer we've been having....big hugs to you!!...Lynn
  2. hey cherry blossoms are still my fav so at least you are ever stylish
    So great to hear you get to spend more time with your family, that is wonderful. I know how much my boys appreciated their nana!
    Spring, Spring, SPRING!!! I am (im)patiently waiting
  3. Hi, Sweet Bub! All's fine here, although I have had a set-back in my recovery, long as things keep moving forward after this, it'll all be just fine.. We're off to the cherry blossom festival in Washington in early April and I had hoped to be walking again by then, but....I guess this lovely little cherry blossom patterned cane will be with me, still....
    Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary, Hon.....!!!
    I retired from performing weddings to get my (our!) Saturdays back in the summer, to spend more time camping with "the kids" and our now 6-yr old grandson.. He's just the best little guy and such a pleasure to be with...they all are, amof!! I'll miss some aspects of it, but getting my Friday evenings and Saturdays back are so worth it!!
    Take care, Sweetie....Spring is just around the corner! Not this one.....maybe the next one!
  4. yes yes I know, I went into SC hiding. lol ...
    Things are great! Just celebrated my 3rd anniversary with DH, pretty sweet Otherwise all the same.
    And how are things with you missy?
  5. Well here's a blast from the past!!! Where on earth have you been hiding, Sweetie?!
    I hope everything is well in your corner of the world...blessings, Lynn
  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a very happy New Year!
  7. awe man!!!\
    next time for sure!
  8. Rats. I flew to TO a couple of weeks ago to hook up with Avon for an over-night at the Chelsea!
    We met up with Andi, too, for Wish I had known where you are...
    We should plan something BIG for next summer...a whole whack of us!!!
  9. I am in the grand ol GTA silly!
    In Toronto regularly as well as the burbs surrounding it ...
    Happy to drive a ways out to meet someone awesome too! We should pick a night and get a bunch of the ladies together!
  10. Absolutely!! Once I find out exactly where your "here" is...
  11. that's so perfect bc i'd be hugging YOU forever too!
    I would love, love, love to meet one day!!
    if you're ever down this way let me know
  12. Lol.....I was just thinking that the other day...(yesterday?) nice it would be to meet....I just know I'd be hugging you until forever! Maybe one day....wouldn't a really BIG meet-up in Toronto be so cool?!
    BIG HUGS...Lynn
  13. Lindi to the rescue huh?! Phewf I'm sure you saved her SO much stress
    Jan 29 for me
  14. Oh, Hon, he talks just like an adult, but not in a snarky way...just so polite..he loves being with people...the other day there were some workers at his daycare, so he goes up to them, and says, "Hi. My name is Jack. What's yours?"...they say their names, then he said, Sooo..what are you guys doing? ... And he hung on every has such a kind nature...I credit our daughter for that...she's persistent and consistent with him, and they're both so loving with him...he's a very lucky boy!

    So..I got a phone call from a very frantic bride today..Their officiant, who they booked a year ago, bailed on them! Can you imagine?!
    Long story short, I fit them in after my 4pm wedding on June 7th....but can you imagine??

    I hope YOUR plans are going a LOT smoother! I'm sorry I can't remember your date....! Getting pretty excited, I bet!
  15. Merry Christmas...and I KNOW you'll have a very happy New Year!!!
  16. hi sweet lady how are you?
  17. we were yes lol ... i deleted everyone at one point when i wasn't a very chipper bub
    but i'm back!
  18. We weren't friends??!!! How could we have let that little detail slip by?! Well my new Friend....thank you for the invitation...I am honoured. I hope you're having a lovely day...dreaming about some important date on the horizon? Hmmmm? Take care, can't possibly know how happy I am for you!!!!!
  19. Thankew, are too!!!
    I'm happy to see that you're keeping your head above water...we're tough cookies, alright! Men would crumble under the pressures women are under! I swear they would!!
    Continue to take good care of you for us, Hon!!!
  20. ooooh new hair? woohoo

    Oh Lynn, you're such a gem!!
    I am good tyvm for asking. I have my moments, my days of stress ... but I am trying to keep my head up.
    Yes, life has thrown some wicked curve balls at me lately, has knocked me flat on my tushie more than once, but I'm still here standing!
    When I cry, I cry ... and then when I'm done I get up and keep living.
  21. Lol...that's cute! And how did you know I got gorgeousified this morning with my new haircut?! Very chi-chi-poo-poo! hahahahaha!!!

    Hope all's well with you,'ve been through so much these past few months...such adjustments...I hope you're coping well and climbing up the other side of that valley you were tossed into! I think you're a pretty strong woman...perhaps "Kitten" isn't the correct term to use..."Tigress", perhaps...As women we hardly know our strength until we're called upon to use it; if anyone had told me what life would have in store for me when I was younger, I'd have dived between the mattresses to never re-surface again!

    I hope this is a good week for you, my DearHeart!
    Luv and hugs, Lynn
  22. as my friend's phone says every time she gets a text message: "HELLLLOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!"
  23. 'Morning, Hon!
    I'm glad it gave you a giggle!! Yep..someone's pretty creative!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  24. that is one heck of a purse!!
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