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  1. But, but, but... you got it for $2!!!!
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Actually, Edwards looks the best in Twilight... I find that in Eclipse... he looks older already... He's not supposed to age!!!!!!
  3. gotta love a man who glitters
  4. Eh hello! Wassup?
  5. hiyo nice lady!
  6. it's just so freaking hilarious
  7. Very un bubaroo!
  8. That is hilarious!!!! Kind of obscene... LMAO!
  9. smooches for ethan coming soon!
  10. would you be up for a thursday at/after 5pm at square one?
  11. Ummm... you do mean Ethan, right?

  12. yep that is about to happen right now so i am off!!

    and yes you better come. we will arrange a time that works for everyone important LIKE YOU!!
  13. I can almost imagine you slumping and drooling over the computer! Bahahahahahahahaha! Sorry!

    BTW: I can't wait to meet you guys! I hope the Square One meet materialize!!!
  14. bahaha oh man my eyes are closing and i JUST went and got my pillow and blanket so i can fall asleep on the couch til DH comes to bed hehe
  15. You are still up?!

  16. wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Bub, Bub! I am going to watch Eclipse on July 7th at the Movies For Mommies event at the Promenade Theatre in Thornhill! Yea... it's a drive... but to see Edward, it's worth the drive!!!!

  18. woo hoo woo hoo!!
  19. We survived! We survived! Ethan behaved while he was at grampy's!

    My gums are very sore now, but I'll survive!
  20. awe, you will both be just fine. it's always scary leaving them the 1st few times, but that feeling goes away once you learn to appreciate some time to yourself haha
  21. I haven't been good with flossing since Ethan was born... I am going to have a earful from my hygenist... Ack!

    I am also a little nervous about leaving Ethan with my in-laws!
  22. uh oh - hope that goes well!
  23. Heyo! Preparing to drop Ethan off with my in laws, so I can go to my dental appointment!

  24. hiya woofy and ethan!
  25. thanks woofy, so sweet
  26. Thanks! He wants to join the ranks of your boys too!
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