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  1. have a great long weekend -I was just trying to lay down too noisy with the firecrackers -hope I feel better on sunday -I have had a fever most of today -uggggg
  2. nancy -happy happy easter to you and your family
    -we are celebrating on Monday with son/wife and "ashlyn" cant wait to give her -her gifts -no chocolate but 2 cute outfits ,wipes ,book and baby treats by gerber
    -daughter just called me they just got in from Ireland -but wont see them til next week -they need to recoup from their long journey
  3. thanks for the rep have a great day
  4. thanks nancy -hers to a happy thanksgiving to you and your family-tonight my gum is sore -but the dentist told me it will get worse before it gets better(he said about a week for the swelling to go -a month total to get back to normal) -I tied to eat a small cesar salad on one side -nope too crunchy
  5. wishing you and your family a very wonderful Thanks Giving - PS enjoy the wedding tomorrow and glad to hear you are healing quickly
  6. thank nancy -i am feeling a tiny bit better today -no sore throat -must have been that warm garlic water with a dash of lemon in it I drank half last night after a hot bath-still a little weak-darn flu -hubby went to help son and they called and said aren't you coming mom -nope don't want to give anything to baby she is just getting over being sick
  7. hey hon -you have a wonderfull xmas with your family and thanks for the lovely chats and advise thruout the year -your friend coupon girl
  8. jasper glad you liked the card and few coupons -I looked on your list -know what enjoy (with the 2 of us don't need lots -and I wanted to help you out like when you gave me the French fry coupons so take care hon
  9. thanks jasper for the Halloween wishes -have a great day
  10. hey hon -did you use the pin I sent you -just curious then I can toss the box
  11. nancy you are too kind thank you for the birthday card and the extra coupons -wow that was so nice and generous
  12. have a great night -thanks for being you (nice)
  13. thanks for the rep -have a great weekend -i will
  14. thank for the rep -happy thursday to you too
  15. thank you for the rep-have a great day
  16. you have a wonderfull new year -thank you for the nice thought and rep
  17. thanks for the nice rep -have a great weekend
  18. thanks for the rep-have a great night
  19. thank you for the rep
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