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  1. I had the crazy lady cashier!! It 20 minutes for 10 items. lol. Glad I wasn't just my imagination. Happy shopping.
  2. Hi Kajay
    Congrats on your first stack lol. I make a trip only once or twice a month (wish I had more disposable income! damn student loans), was there 2 days ago and no Yan :-( . I've only seen him once in the last 3 times, sure does seem like his shifts are cut back, not sure.
    The older lady with the bob and wears glasses is nice and efficient, very chatty actually and then there's another older lady with long blonde hair and glasses and she scares me lol. She's not bad, just not pleasant if that makes sense.
  3. Hi! I tried LD Oliver Sq today---hoping for Yan (!!) such luck. Oliver Sq seems bigger & better than Jasper Gates. Any thoughts?
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