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  1. Hey there, just stopping in to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  2. Welcome to the crazy world of coupons, lol. Glad you got the envy and to see you using the coupons up. It's amazing what you can save. If you need anything, please just give a shout, Moe.
  3. Hey Kamanda, take your addy off here, you don't need everyone to see it and get a bunch of junk mail. Go to my page and hit private message and send it thru that way. Just hate to see you get a whole bunch of ads and stuff from folks seeing your addy.
  4. Check stores and newpaper flyers like smart source and such. Get a stash built up to start trading, or go the coupon section, some folks have bundles to trade for other coupons or a $5 gc to somewhere. It may seem odd to trade for a gift card, but sometimes you find stuff you need that way, and it will usually have atleast $100+ worth of coupons in them. You could also get a few coupons and hop on a train for newbies. I don't have alot right now, but private message me your addy, and I will send you some to get you going. Oh ya, next time you want to leave a message, hit on my name and it will take you to my page so I know you responded. Hope some of this helps out, Moe.
  5. HI Kamanda, saw you were looking to be adopted, how may I help ya out? And, welcome to SC.
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