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  1. Merry Christmas to you, too, Moe!
  2. hey kbear, is it your daguhter that likes raisins? I got a bunch of coupons again from smart source, let me know and I can send ya some.
  3. Good kbear, but will be back in a bit to chat, gotta go to work now. Hope you survive the first day of school, haven't got a call yet from the principal about my oldest yet, the little one goes her first day of jk on Thursday, eeks.
  4. Things are great, Monica. It was a busy, but productive weekend. Just sending 3 of my kids out the door for their first day of school. How are things for you?
  5. Hello there kbear, thanks so much for the rep. Glad you had fun in the gabfest thread, how's things been going?
  6. HI Kbear, doing well thanks. Nope it wasn't me looking for the motts, but thank you for asking. Hope you are having a great weekend, Moe.
  7. Hey Moe! How are things? I hope you've had a great weekend. Was it you who was looking for Mott's applesauce coupons? If it was, I have a few extras that I'll send to you. Let me know.
  8. Me too Kbear. Well, I will let you get out and have fun on your special day, if you are ever looking for something, just give a shout, and again, Happy Birthday my friend.
  9. I wish you were closer, too. I think we'd be great IRL friends! Mmmmm, margarita's!!
  10. Well I wish I was closer, cause the two of us would be sucking back margarita's for your bday, so have one for me today, and enjoy it knowing your sc bud is cheer's n ya.
  11. Thanks, Monica! I'm definately looking forward to the next year.
  12. Hey buddy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day Kbear, and one of the best years ever. Take care my friend, now get out there and have some fun, Moe.
  13. Hey Monica! Life's been pretty busy with it being baseball and soccer season. I haven't been visiting SC much as I haven't needed anything, but my list is newly updated and I'm ready to go. Still don't need much, but I have lots of coupons so I thought I'd get them out there to see if anyone else needed them.

    How are things for you? Good, I hope.
  14. Kbear, what the heck ya been up to? Haven't gabbed in ages. Hope all is well, and miss yakking away.
  15. Lol Moe. Did you notice my avatar? I don't drink alot, but when I do, it's gonna be a lime margarita!
  16. HI ya Kbear, yep got the message. How's things been going, other than the computer that is? All well here, been raather busy lately, but good. Haven't found ya anymore special drink coupons, but keeping my eyes peeled.
  17. Hiya Moe! Just checking to make sure my messages are getting to you. I hope you got my last one. Could you let me know? I want to make sure you know what's been going on, and that I haven't been ignoring you. Thanks.
  18. Hi Moe! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to respond to you. We just got our computer back after 5 weeks in the repair shop! I could use my Blackberry to read the posts here, but I couldn't make any entries. I tried to wish you a happy birthday, but I couldn't get it to work. So, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! lol! Now I'm back in action and the first thing I have to do is update my trade list. I need to get trading! Ha ha! I hope everything is ok with you. Have a good one!
  19. HI Kbear, hope you had a good Valentine's, hope all is well and gab later, Moe.
  20. Where have you been? Haven't gabbed in ages and missed ya. Hope we get a chance to talk soon, Moe.
  21. 'nite!
  22. Sounds like a great plan, nite.
  23. You too, Moe. Take care, and we'll chat again soon.
  24. Nope not yet, but may see some this weekend, suppose to get alot of rain then turn cold, so expecting some this weekend. Have a nice night kbear, and a great weekend, Moe.
  25. Sounds like a nice weekend. I hope you have lots of fun. Do you have any snow there, yet? None here. It's been quite warm, so far.
  26. Well, it's me, the hubby and a friend of ours driving up north. Were staying at her place the first night, and then going to a real fancy place for hubby's christmas work party the second night, just him and I. Dinner, dancing, the whole shebang. We really need thistime away. Then coming back home on Sunday.
  27. Is it just you and your Hubby, or the whole family? We're all going to the in-laws for the weekend, to start on some Christmas activities like the Santa Claus Parade. Should be fun. Same goes for you, Moe. If I have it, it's yours. You just have to say. Have a great weekend, and I hope you get to relax some.
  28. HI kbear, man I wish we had LD here, all is well, been busy on sc with the exchange and busy at work, but am off till Monday and going away for a couple days. I can so use the break. If ya need anything and I have it, just give a shout.
  29. Hi Moe! Everything is really good, thanks! How are things with you? I just got back from London Drugs. Spent just over $18, and saved just over $102. My 10 year old son loves coming with me to LD. He likes the part at the end where the CS person says how much I've saved. LOL! I'm training him to be a good couponer. My latest quest is to keep my eyes open for a sale on Cottonelle. Hopefully one comes soon. I've got coupons expiring on Dec 6.
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