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  1. I just want to bite your baby!! Sooooo delicious!
  2. Hi there, my daughter is 9 weeks old We managed to get this pic when she was about 4-5 weeks old....we still laugh at how 'serious' she looks. Shes thinking "How will I be able to take over the world when I'm older?" kinda face....Your daughter is soooo DELICIOUS!! Happy 7th month birthday (on aug 7th) to your princess
  3. omg cutest baby pose ever! My DD is 7 months on Aug 7th How old is your babe?
  4. thank you for the rep how old is your gorgeous baby?
  5. okay, my husband and i are flipping at how adorable your baby is!!!!!!!!!!! tooooo cute!!! God bless her!!! i wanna bite her
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