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  1. Oh my, contractions! I don't know much about babies, pregnancy yet I can't believe you are so calm. If we don't hear from you for a bit on the thread, I'll imagine we'll get an update with lovely, good news and possibly a nice pic? Good luck, best wishes!
  2. Aww thank you, thats very sweet. We are hoping any day now with the baby, as contractions have started. Super excited!
  3. Congratulations, I didn't read your message close enough and I apologize for my tardiness in acknowledging your bundle of joy on the way! No worries about posting on P&P thread as your hands are full with your current little one and upcoming partner in crime. I rarely get to post words too because everyone's so eager, good to share. Prayers, wishes of health and may your last few weeks go smooth.
  4. Thanks for the rep Noodge, yeah I have never been able to beat people with the words on P & P, not with having a 2 year old and 4 weeks to go with my 2nd one, I haven't had time to beat others. We appriciate all the work that others go into finding the words we can't. Thanks again!
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