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  1. LOL thanks for the rep glad you had a good birthday you deserve it!!
  2. OOPS! LOL!! Now THAT'S a weeeeee bit out of our way to Cobourg and New York!
    But I think Jenny would have loved being with you, Kim!!
  3. Hamilton ; )
  4. You're welcome, Kim.....he sounds like a REALLY good guy and I honestly wish him all the best!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Hon! HUGS..Lynn
  5. Pretty good around here, Kim...although I'm really worried about my BFF here....I hope theres nothing serious going on with you? Other than that, if this rain doesn't stop soon we'll all develop webbed feet! It's hard with Jenny...we spent so much time outside when it was nice, then it all got taken away from us. Grr. Predicting sun for the weekend...I'll believe it when I see it!
    Now go take care of yourself, Hon....!!! BIG HUGGLES..Lynn
  6. lol your rep made me laugh thanks Things are ok going through some medical funk, how are things with you?
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