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  1. thanks for the rep : )
  2. lol. Thanks for the rep. I love Rafiki too. Probably my most favourite film character ever! Have a great weekend!
  3. it wasn't you was you lmao? Thanks for the post!!
  4. Happy Easter! lol. Love your 'special package' birthday present you got posted there. bahahaha.
  5. Thanks fpr the rep
  6. Happy Easter!
  7. Thanks for the rep : )
  8. lol thanks for the rep!!!!!!
  9. Happy Valentines Day!
  10. LOL. LOVED the pilgrim cat! Thanks for making me smile today!

    Have a great long weekend!
  11. Such a great story thanks for the rep
  12. "Hi" right back at ya! Love the kittens. If I hadn't met DH, I'm sure I was bound to become crazy old cat lady with 84 cats. I'm a total feline fan. LOL. Hope you're havin' a great week!
  13. I agree lol thanks for the rep
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