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  1. hope you have a good birthday, lites
  2. hi, lites, thanks for the rep.
    glad you had a good birthday.
  3. i see you had a quiet, yet nice birthday, lites.
    happy birthday
  4. thank you very much for the info, I'll have to tape it, I am working then...I'm off to bed soon! Goodnight!
  5. thanks for the rep, lites.
    i checked and the free skate is on thursday,
    5 pm, pst. hope you have a good sleep.
  6. thank you, just wrote how i feel is all! the win was a bonus!lol
  7. hey, lites, i see you are getting coupons,,,
    whoopi, and congratulations, was a sweet
  8. glad you noticed and liked the freerice banner, lites.
    in case you didn't notice the famous paintings get a bit
    bigger if you put your mouse over the 'painting'.
    thanks for the rep, too.
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