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  1. ps: Thanks so much for bringing your quote reps back, I love them
  2. I tried to rep you regarding my DH making dinner but it never lets me rep you, lol...tells me I have to spread it around , lol
    Anyways it was VERY nice of him, especially the glass of wine, we might have a glass once or twice a year, lol...
    How "Canadian" to be having it watching hockey, lol
  3. I agree with thecountess, thank you for finally bringing us back joy and sharing your famous quote reps...I missed them and appreciate your time it takes you to find them and share them.
  4. Merry Christmas Natalka!!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with your family..
  6. Thanks so much for the rep! (Wow, cool colours here!)
  7. Thanks for the reps Natalka, hope your family had a Happy Father's Day as well
  8. Thanks for the rep. - Oh, that is SO cool about the cat patterned material - I would want a dress (or a top) out of it, myself!
  9. yay natalka, congrats on the win, I voted for you!
  10. Happy St.Patricks day to you too!
  11. Hope your weekend is WONDERFILLED!!!
  12. Happy new year!!!
  13. thank you for the rep!
  14. Hope you have a great weekend too Natalka!Thanks!
  15. Have a great weekend! (OO, the blue is pretty!)
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