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  1. Ok it has been a while. but would love to hear from you my friend...
  2. That's so annoying. Thankfully, I'm not having any problems. I hope yours clears up soon.
  3. Thanks Hicks, hope u r having a fun weekend too, for some reason, SC is being really laggy and slow, like a minute or two for me to post on he threads, so if I don't respond right away, am having issues
  4. Sounds like a nice day. You deserve to be spoiled.
    Me, fair, but I'm getting better, I hope.
  5. Hi ya Hicks, thanks so much for the birthday wishes, we took the girls to Hamilton and did a bit of shopping and went to the hockey game, how have ya been?
  6. Hi Mo. Long time no talk to. I'm doing ok, keeping busy during the summer. I live for the nice weather. How are you? What's new in your world?
    I for one, miss our conversations, so it's really nice to hear from you.
  7. Hi ya Hicks, hows things going?
  8. Awwww thank you Hicks
  9. Happy Birthday Moe.

  10. Lol, ya big day, no plans, just get to go to work for 10 hours, how have you been
  11. Hi stranger, great to see you !!
    Funny, I was just going to look for you tomorrow for your big day. Any big plans ?
  12. Hi ya Hicks
  13. Figures, your leaving in a week, and we r coming your way in a week and a half, lol. Sorry to hear about all the surgeries Hicks, I do hope you r ok. All well here, girls are growing like weeds, and jay is doing fine. Work is the same as usual, and other than everyday events, all has been good. Hope to gab before u go away, chat soon, Moe.
  14. Wow, nice surprise - from out of the beautiful blue sky. It would take a week to tell you everything. Bottom line, I'm ok.
    I've had 7 surgeries in the past 2 years; spent a fortune on home renos; leaving 4 Florida in a week ...........
    How are you ?? It's been a long time. Love to get together for a coffee sometime.
  15. Boo, guess who??? Hi ya Hicks, how have ya been?
  16. wow, hi there stranger; how r u doing ? it's been awhile since we've talked - missed you.
  17. Feeling REALLY good !! no eye pain !!!
    Sight's really poor, only time will tell if, & how much, it will improve.
    Even if it improves, have to go in for some laser work & will definitely need glasses.
    So far-sighted right now, he says I could probably map all the craters on the moon in detail with the naked eye.

    Have 2 use magnifying glass 2 read the computer screen though.
    What a pain that is. But, I can drive - woohoo
    And what a fashion statement those big ass wrap around sun glasses are.
    I feel so old in them, when I'm actually only 29.

    Thanks 4 ur concern. Say hi 2 the girls 4 me.
  18. A very Happy Valentine's Day to you Hicks, thanks for the reps. How are your eyes doing?
  19. boy o boy u had quit the summer. Not too much new here, just been busy. The kids are loving school, the hubby's doin fine, my job may be terminated fairly soon, so pretty stresssed about that, but will fill ya in more over the weeknd, Just going to work now, but I miss our conversations too. Ok, talk soon, Moe.
  20. Hi Mo; Life's been wild. I worked 4 weeks to prep my cottage 4 sale, but so far, it hasn't sold. Helped a friend pack for a move from a large house to a 1 bedroom condo. That was the move from hell !! Went south for a 5 week vacation, staying a few days to a week in various states, mostly Florida, the day I got back, admitted to hospital & had emergency surgery (gall bladder out) VERY PAINFUL !!!! Just got back from hospital a few minutes ago, where I had more tests. Boy, did those ever hurt. Looks like I may have more problems. We'll see. That about covers my summer - event-full !!
    I miss talking 2 you; it's been a long time. It's 2 bad u live so far away
    So, tell me about ur summer & all the happenings in ur life.
  21. Hi ya Hicks, how's life been treatin ya?
  22. have a FANTASTIC time tonight !! ttys
  23. I wasn't on much latelty, had computer problems. All is well here, snow is melting away rapidly, and the girls are liking the signs of grass. Everyone is fine and dandy here, ya, one day you will have to explain the radio threads to me, I am lost when looking at them. All good here, and J and his bud are doing the music for a St. Patty's dance this Sat here too, so it should be fun. Going to the Brier tonight, glad to get out of town. Wow, the beach party sounds like it was alot of fun, and good for you about the quitting, I wish I had the guts to give it a try, but am going to have to soon. Will let ya go, and talk soon, Moe.
  24. hi luv; I'm sorry u don't post on Q107 or CHFI & I'd be more likely to talk 2 u more often; & I'm sorry for being so negligent !! I'm doing well, thx - quit smoking Feb 28th - taking the Driven to Quit Challenge - I'll tell you, it's HELL !!!!! Otherwise, everything is great.
    How about u, J & the girls ? You're probably still knee deep in snow. Our streets r clear, but still have about 6" in the yard. Spring is definitely coming !!!
    I met a lot of the sc'rs last Friday @ the Q107 Beach Party - I think there were 19 of us there - hard 2 keep track, but it was nice to put faces to names. This Sat going to a St. Patrick's Day dance. Dog sitting tonight.
    Got to go - take care & thanks 4 keeping in touch.
  25. Thank you hicks for the rep, am off the the hospital with the little one, wil fill ya in later, but don't think it's anything bad.
  26. thx love - Happy Valentines Day - hope it's a great one !!
  27. YOu get the rest you need, now that we know your home safe and sound, it's a huge relief. I will talk to you in a couple days when you are caught up with things, but if you do need something, just give a shout, Moe.
  28. I know u would have; but thankfully I had some very willing 2 help me out. Your a terrific friend !!! Think I'm going 2 lay down 4 awhile, been a long day already.ttys
  29. Had I been closer to ya Hicks, I would of done so much more. I am just glad you are home and didn't run into any major problems with your surgery.
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