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  1. It is a nice place, I'm goin on 3 years here, it's the first forum I ever belonged to.
  2. Thanks so much!!!! This site is the best!!!
  3. I'm between Pt. Stanley and Long point in a small town. hey I know there is a couple here from Belle river, will try and find them for you, plus got a couple great gals that way who may adopt, gn=onna look them up.
  4. I'm in Belle River. It's about 1/2 hour east of Windsor! Whereabouts are you! Thanks so much I'm excited about being adopted!!!
  5. Nope your fine, just like to get you with someone from the same province if possible. Whereabouts inSouthwest ON, I'm in a small town on Lake erie myself.
  6. Oh...was the adopting list only for out west? I'm from southern Ontario!
  7. What area are you from lovebugs, try to set up new members from the west with others from the west to explain stacking and stuff.
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