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  1. hello I am just finishing holidays in Chilliwack B.C. met a few coupon ladies here, no stacking like before that is a thing of the past for B.C. couponers
  2. hi ma, i just wanted to stop by and say hi, hope to join a train soon been out of it so long!
  3. jus coming by to say Hi.. any new coupons lately?! ... so boring at the local stores!
  4. Thank ma, i miss ya i gotta come by soon, I just started the granny train, working on thatnow.. and yes its my bday right now and im at work where else.. lol
    my friend took my doggie over night so i can sleep in tomorrow and not have to get up wit her. check fb for my bday pics
  5. Hi Nicole you look great I hope your party was funtastic....
  6. yes id love more of those meat coupies. i gotta come visit u again soon!
  7. Hello I found more of the Budding meat coupons for .55 off if you want them
  8. I'll check it out tonight at work! . I love healthy choice steamers!
  9. found tons of the smuckers booklets all of the different wraps, healthy choice steamers $1.00 off, check my updated coupon list in the trading section I updated it yesterday
  10. hey .. how are u ?! any good sales this week coming! // any new coupons to tell me about?!
  11. HEY MA!!!
  12. good morning, im up too gonna swing by with your booklet soon!
  13. ma where'd you get the kraft booklets. i want to find some!
  14. I could swing by tomorrow i gotta do a return.!! . be nice to see u!! .. !! hear about your stacking at LD!? thanks
  15. Hi Girl, I have a few left I can give you a couple books...let me know when your coming...
  16. whats shaken!? haven't seen u for sooooooooooo long i came in last week.. and YEP u were off figures.!! .. I am wondering did u trade all your stouffers booklets?! i have a new roommate who eats that stuff figures i traded mine before i knew and now need some.. any new coupons out there?!
  17. when you post items to trade, its always best to post wishlist items, I think rather then post you wanted HV FPC maybe say what type of coupons u can use, even if its HV or FPC.. .. if u use milk , or bread post those, or laundry detergent! .. or just two stamps is good too! but put plus postage to send it out too!
  18. whats new?~ any new coupons?! did u ever get your motrin one!?
  19. i was in on the weekend figures u were not there..!! one lady was like one coupon per purchase im like where is my ma! haha! i did sept trans actions but was peeved.! .. i will see what next week holds.!
  20. let me see whats on sale this week. i haven't been by walmart lately since u were off! .. but your back i better get in there.!! .. i have some of the newer coupons but not all of them!
  21. I have your mailing envelope for you to go back to the post office and complain about the time it took to get to me...get your money back
  22. Got lots of new coupons tonight
    Delissio Flatbread melt,Handi Snacs, DanActive , Dr Pepper wub2 $2.00 or 1 $1.00 Parmasean cheese, dole sparklers, Dare wub2 $.75,Tre Stelle Feta cheese, Stouffers Sensations $2.00 Downy those coupon books McMinisson has , Kleenex Dove shampoo damage therapy , Dove Go Fresh, Lactancia smart milk and lots of coke coupons....
  23. I got some this week .. i saw the sale! i got 12 cases.! cause u sent met hose coupons.. trade those coupons people would love them.. stock up before xmas
  24. I have lots of coke coupons and it is on sale this week at walmart $2.97 and then $2.00 off me
  25. great im glad u got some deals! .. even though it arrived late. i'll have to come by and hear about your trip once your back .. enjoy the rest of your vacation!
  26. yeah we went stacking at london drugs...original cost $238.00 paid $94.00
  27. well hopefully u get some use of them.. considering how late they arrived.! i want our walmarts to stack! .. u could work that out no!? pull some strings!?? have fun i know u head home soon
  28. so sorry to hear of your resident passing away. we opened the package of coupons and we are off to see what we can get at LD today. apparently the walmart here will coupon stack too.. one of my sisters co-workers sister works for them. we will have to check it out too have a good day
  29. That's such bull!! .. so much for xpress i hope u have time to use it !! what i sent u i tried to send stackables
  30. 2010/08/1108:18CHILLIWACKItem out for delivery

    2010/08/1006:13RICHMONDItem arrived at postal facility

    2010/08/0521:58MISSISSAUGAItem processed at postal facility



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