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  1. this will teach you all the short forms for things.
  2. Okay, you really need help with all this. SDM is shoppers drug mart, but your in Manitoba so you have LD, London Drugs, which means you can stack coupons. That means you can use two or three coupons for the same product as long as they have different upc #'s on them.

    this is the link to Balllot's, I will pm her for you if you like.
  4. go to coupons at the top of your screen and hit that
    Then the second from the top will say coupon trains, hit that
    There will be a list of trains, and go thru to find one that is looking for riders,
    click on it, scroll down and say you would like to ride
    then go to the person who started the thread and hit send private message
    ask them if you can ride and leave your address with them
    Never leave your addy where you just typed to me or on a thread, only in a private message, that way not everyone can see it.
    If you like I will get the link for Balllot's train for you now.
  5. hi how do i get there i cant find newbies on there confused ....
  6. HI to join a train, you look and see which ones are looking for riders, you being new, look for one for newbies, Balllot is running one now. You ask for a seat, pm the conductor, and wait to see if you got on in time. They will send the train, full of coupons from person to person, when it is your turn you take out the coupons you want and put in different coupons, usually more than what you took out, and mail it to the next rider. Hope this helps, message me if you need anything else, Moe.

    And Welcome to SC.
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