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  1. thanks for the rep -the other day -have a great evening
  2. Thanks for the rep and we had an awesome time.
  3. thanks for the rep -have a great day
  4. thanks for the rep -sorry I have ben sick but 2 pills left and I am feeling better
  5. Big change after all the wonderful weather we have had.
  6. thanks for the rep have a great night as well -pretty chilly here in southern Ontario
  7. thanks for the morning rep -have a great weekend
  8. I don't actually sell on Kijiji but on a local FB page and we have been downsizing for the last 2 years as we moved. I only have odds and ends now (finally). So glad to see stuff gone. Sometimes I sell stuff for my parents too.
  9. -thanks for the rep -you do awesome sales on kijiji -wish I had better people messaging me -they are few and far between -oh well glad I got 2 sales in one day the other day
  10. Thanks for the happy face rep -have a great weekend !
  11. thanks for the patty day wishes
  12. Air Miles work good for me as we have no Beer Store in town and DH has to buy his beer at the LCBO. We get gas at Shell as it is town but Rexall is a distance to travel to. I try to stay away from Sobey's and Foodland unless it is a good sale.
  13. thanks for the rep-I love airmiles too but their is a foodland -but not close and sobeys is out of town -so I got one at rexall last week - I gotta try to work better on that program (don't go to the lcbo that much -lol)
  14. I love the thrift stores too and there always seem to be great items at fantastic pricing!
  15. Selling online at times can be frustrating but most times it is rewarding especially when you get a sale and they show up. Even better when the item was free to you. I just posted a freezer for sale and a guy just wanted me to lower the price. It had only been posted less than 1 hour...I'll wait thanks. Hope you have a great day.
  16. thanks for the happy face emotion -yes finally sold something on kijiji -a lot of people just message me once is it still available -yeahhhh or I would have removed it (I don't say that just think it) made 14.00 and I won the cow ceramic years ago -I figured a collector would want it -yep a lady was buying it for her sister -and she personally thanked me after the sale on line and wished me a merry xmas -see some people are lovely on kijiji
  17. Thanks for the rep!
  18. Sounds likes you are having a me day except for the cleaning of the toilets. I am not doing much today here either as I am sick with a cold.
  19. thanks for the rainy day rep -yep I am not doing anything except reading a novel ,cleaning my toilets and doing this dark puzzle with 2 birds on it -its frustrating but I love jigsaw puzzles (relaxing when not babysitting my granddaughter )
  20. I have never had their chocolate bars as I have always have bought the nuts...guess I will have to try them now.
  21. my favourite at pickards is their chocolate bars -got a carmel one for .89-yummmm -told hubby I needed to use the washroom and couldn't leave their without buying something -I got him cashews so fresh ehhh
  22. We love it too and all the free tasters they put out. I love the Bavarian peanuts most of all but it is so hard to choose as they have so many varieties. What's your favorite? Have a great day and thanks for the rep.
  23. thanks for the rep have a great weekend
  24. Great minds think alike. Thanks for the rep.
  25. thanks for the rep -have a great day
  26. Me too, even if it is a small amount. It all adds up to a bigger amount just for cleaning and/or downsizing. Have a great day.
  27. thanks for the rep -its great getting bits of money for items on kijiji we sell -I love it
  28. No problem and thanks for the rep.
  29. thanks for the valentines wishes -have a great evening
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