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  1. My wishlist is up to date but my trade list is a little behind. Take a gander let me know. There is stuff I don't list (too many vultures) and I keep some good ones for "my skanks" so if you don't see a certain product, doesn't mean it's not under my matress
  2. LOL I just re edited the post I made on ur wall too hahaha Umm gah Im so bad with coupons I have no clue what is out there! I'll have a think and get back to you lol
  3. lol that was fast... didn't even have time to edit my post. reread so I don't sound redundant LOL
  4. Thanks! ur is nice too Thanks for the rep! Do you have a trade list..maybe I have something u need hehe
  5. WOW nice page! Can you use French coupons? I may have other coupons for you. Let me know what else you're ;looking for. Your WL is vague, I don't want to send you craptastic coupons you won't use.
  6. Thanks! I'm having a great time. Thanks for the rep too!
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