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  1. No problem just wanted to make sure you received it that was my only worry lol
  2. Sorry its been an interesting month....left you feedback...
  3. Hey I keep meaning to ask u You did receive my coupons for the begining of March never heard back from you I left feedback but didn't hear from you Hope all is well
  4. ouch!! have a great new year!!! here is to a year of saving tons'o'cash!!!
  5. Poke Poke Happy New Year!!!!
  6. I never get to sleep in my cat or dog always have me up by 6:00 am I don't know what sleeping in is!!!!
  7. lol i wish i could sleep in!! still have work to get ready for and to be at im looking forward to pd this week and finishing up my xmas shopping
  8. I am looking forward to it I will be off for 2 weeks no school, no job no getting the kids ready for school I am sooo excited I have an exam today and Thursday then I will be able to breath a little better lol.
  9. lol all i can say is thank god its done only 4 more days till the weekend....
  10. okay maybe just maybe I exaggerated a little lol lol Hope your day went well
  11. LOL it wasn't THAT hard...sheesh!
  12. Hey that poke hurt
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