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  1. Oh momof3heathens! I know right? The retailers need to get their act together too. That was the reason of my post. It's nuts and it affects the time spent shopping if it will be approved or processed the way we know it should be and if you only have one opportunity to go shopping, their approval affects us allot. I guess like the other sweet members are saying, a break might do it, I don't know. I know that if I seem more confident when I process the order they give me less of a hassle but...The holidays will be over soon and one less thing to spend on and back to saving and a normal life. Thank you for sharing and understanding too and we just have to get a little tougher and know that we are right... So nice to hear from you and hope you and your family are well and snuggly and looking forward to Santas' arrival. Thank you for the REP and have a lovely day/week.
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