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  1. Hiya! Hope you had a great weekend! Yes, that's my mom in the pic - she was a beauty, inside and out! That pic was taken in the mid-1940s.
  2. Thanks for rep Natalka. Is that your Mom in the picture?? Whoever she is, she'l lovely. Great hair!
  3. Thanks for rep Natalka. Excellent quote too!
  4. Very true words Natalka. Thanks for rep! Happy Monday!!
  5. Thanks for Rep. Natalka. May all your tulips bloom today.
  6. Me too!! It would be a waste of a perfectly lovely Friday!! lol
    Thanks for rep.
  7. Thanks for the rep Natalka. May your day be full of chocolate. . .
  8. chocolate eggs on a diet!! Why didn't I think of that??! Lol Thanks for rep.
  9. Thanks for rep Natalka. I don't deserve you!
  10. Thanks for the rep! Hope all is well with you!
  11. Thanks for the good wishes Natalka . . .but my day was spent at a funeral. . . my aunt (last stages of ahlzheimers) It wasn't that bad though. . kinda like a big family reunion.
    Hopin' you're getting great weather too!
  12. Thanks for rep Natalka. Truer words were never spoken or so eloquently put.
    Spring weather Alllllll week next week. Yee Haw!
  13. So you like my GIANT picture? lol Thanks. I screwed it up somehow when I was loading it and I'm too lazy to fix it. Glad to hear your kitties are good. I know you've had a rough few months. I've been thinking of you cause I know it's not fun. It IS safer for them inside in the city. .but I live in the country so mine are let loose on the squirrel population to terrorize . .
  14. Wow, you are even more beautiful when you are larger than life!

    Kitties are good - Taffy is her regular old self; Vader the kitten (who is 7 months, but almost as big as her mom) is a little stinker, but oh-so-loveable! We have a cat bylaw in our city, so we can't let cats outside here. Our snow is nice and soft, so maybe it's a good day for Vader to get her feet dunked in it at least. Otherwise, she tries to catch snow through the window!
  15. Thanks Natalka! How are the kitties? Mine have a serious case of cabin fever. Thank heavens it's 12 degrees today. i'm booting them out for fun and frolic. . .
  16. Thanks Nat. We seem to have the same mind on things. . .
  17. Thanks Natalka!
  18. Thanks for your valentin wishes Natalka. My my! you were up early today! How are you feeling this week? You've been in my thoughts. . .
  19. Thanks for rep Natalka. . Hope your week is a better one then last. . . .
  20. Thx Natalka. Been thinking of you past couple days. I know what its like sadly. . . I hope your heart starts to mend soon. . .
  21. Ha ha! Would you trust the postal system even then?! lol Chloe already lives on 50 acres of kitty paradise with homemade natural food. I don't think she plans on going anywhere. . . Besides, she's too much of a mommy suck to leave. lol Thanks for the compliment.
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