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  1. Enjoy every little moment; it's a wondrous journey!

  2. Hi!!! things are definitely going well for me. thanks for the links!! i've added them to my 'baby stuff' file.. for the future
  3. Hi! Hope things are going FAB for you!
    Saw your post in the parents' thread - just so you know, some Polish baby stuff is out there (pricey, but you can get ideas... for the future).
  4. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Hope you have a great weekend!
  5. thank you for the birthday wishes!
  6. Hi Natalka! A few more weeks to go indeed! Plans seem to be falling together nicely. Going away this weeked with my mom and sister-in-laws (one bro's wife, other bro's fiance) and then it's time to get everything organized and start to pack!!
  7. Wow, you just have a few weeks left as a single gal! How are all the plans going?
  8. Hope all is going well - I saw your posts in the thread, and know you must be busy with wedding things - so exciting as it's getting closer!

  9. Wishing you all wonderful things for your birthday and always!
  10. Wonderful news, hun!!
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