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  1. Miss you--hope all is well!!
  2. you weren't on my friends list ALL THIS TIME? LIKE WTF???
  3. I know you are really busy, but miss you & all your stories!! Hope everything is ok--check in soon!!
  4. Could you be having problems with your colon? When I am under a lot of stress I have severe stomach pain, kinda like gas pains. The dr said not to eat anything with acid, yeast, caffeine. Best thing I have found to get me thru is plain baking potato with a little Molly McButter. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. I know it doesn't seem like it's been that long--just glad you were able to track her down. She lives in the same area & if I would have had her phone # I would have called. Just glad she's ok.
  6. i'm just glad u mentioned her. it doesn't seem that long since she was on. but wow..that's going on 5 months.
  7. Thanks for finding Treble--you are the awesome one!!!
  8. no i never did look for the cp liners yet. the last time i used the spray pam and that did a fair job of keeping it from sticking. i need some half decent recipes. everthing i make turns out weird.
  9. no i have crosed the picket. and i'm hoping they smarten up by payday or i might have to :S
  10. Ha, ha--didn't see you for awhile, just checking to make sure you're ok & haven't crossed that picket line!! Good luck
  11. wot u mean where am i? in a computer room, (that's a huge master bedroom upstairs) in a semi, in lowersackville, in nova scotia.
  12. your last pic, is EXACTLY how much snow ryan tried to build a snowman with
  13. Happy Birthday NS--hope you have a wonderful day!!!
  14. Thanks for the hugs, they are really needed right now!!
  15. Hope you had a good New Years Day, John & I are both off work until Monday. We bought 2 bookcases & also a chest I can put socks & stuff in our closet so he spent yesterday putting all that together. We are off to do grocery shopping & then I am going to try to organize my cookbooks in the new bookcase (sounds kinda boring, but what else is there to do on a rainy day). Have a great day!!
  16. am glad your having some good days with DH. don't let him win at monopoly! or change games. muhahhaha. my son keeps beating us at risk. now normally i'm a good loser..but after half a dozen couple hour long games, i mean..COME ON!
  17. Oh, I've had a lot of good days lately, guess I didn't make it clear. We had a great Christmas, of course it is only my hubby John & I. I am fortunate to still have my Dad (he's 76, but can run circles around everybody). We went to John's family last weekend & then to Dad's Christmas day. John & I bought a Monopoly yesterday while we were out shopping & played last night. Haven't played in about 35 years, but was fun even tho I got beat. Now I'm out for revenge!! Have a great weekend!!
  18. what's going on? why you having a bad day? your not allowed to. santa shoulda given you a plane ticket to come visit. i got lotsa wine..
  19. Thanks so much--if I'm having a not so good day, I always like to log on & see what you're up to, you always brighten my day. Hope you have the bestest Christmas yet!!
  20. Great idea, just hope they are gone when I get home this afternoon. Tired of the Mexican invasion!!
  21. that's natcho good is it?

    cripes all mightly, loCk up the dog, grab shot gun. when they point, YOU AIM!
  22. I like your suggestion about handling the Mexicans, but really afraid to let them see much of our dog, I guess we've all heard the horror stories that they eat dogs & don't want ours to turn up missing!!
  23. my hubby is trying most days. very trying.

    i did a mini shopping trip. zellers had those ricola cough drops on for 1.49 from 2.49. yup.. you got it.. I had $1 off coupons :D .50 gotta luv it. will need them soon the way i feel. sharing them with my mom. i got 9 bags.

    that was my big deal today. unless you want to count 5lb bags of carrots for .99. or the bag of misc cakes for $4 at the thrift store.

    well, i did get 2 fushion gift sets yesterday, free except for part of the tax...but i had to fight to get them, the supervisor wanted to ring them in the value of the coupon, which means i would pay more and more tax. i said, nononono ya don't.

    hubby was like, shuddup, the coupon isn't for the set. i said but bonus, just means the shave cream is free...turns out he was right. it was the razor that was free.

    my bad.

    let me know how your shopping trip goes! anxious to hear all ya get.
  24. i got up at 9, posted in p&p, and then read your rep. and i had to laff. no, go read my post. todays starting out like crap too!

    but i lurvs ya for putting that. it was funny (i know you din't intend to) reading it after what i had posted.
  25. cripes i might have to change it sooner than i wanted to..

    i think i'm going nuts.

    i think i hear him saying..

    honey..are you cooking breakfast or would u like me to whip something up??

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh
  26. okay well as soon as i read that about hyperventilatiing, i thought bag..well, then i thought of gale again..*can'tbreatheherewegoagain*
  27. takes your breath? he can take whatever he wants! omg.

    *deep breathes..nice and slow..*

    omghe'sjusttoofookingrockincuteomggonnadiegonnadie gonnadie
  28. rofl. i'll have to change it every few days. but this one is so damn captivating..almost looks like he's staring at you...
  29. that comment brightened my crazy morning. i really wish they had of done goth back in the *ack* 80's..but everything was punk, neon, preppy.. i din't fit in anywhere. i think i was in between. preppy face, neon shirt, punk boots. go figure, they come out with something i could actually pull off and i'm *sigh* middle age. well ta hell wif it. it harley can do it, so can i!
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