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  1. Miss you furball, Happy Holidays
  2. if ya can drag yerself off yer hairlittle rump with those short stubby legs, i would luv to get ur email
  3. Nah, not on Facebook, sorry NS, but I can always pm ya my email.
  4. hey u over fed excuse for a rat. u on facebook at all?
  5. Hey Furball, where ya hiding?
  6. Furball!
  7. Sorry to hear you were not feeling well, must of been a furball caught sideways,(just kidding) don't worry bout the house, the mess will be back in a matter of days. Glad to hear your feeling a bit better, Moe.
  8. yer too damn funny. been sick over 2 weeks now, and u should see my house...wot a fricking mess. going to try to do something with it, but i'm using the computer as an excuse not too. not that i need that excuse..the feeling crappy part pretty much covers it...

    just wait til i feel better. can't wait to get back to taunting you!
  9. You must of been over, I just slipped in something gross, lol. Hope you have a good week, Moe.
  10. *cough cough* FURBALL!!!
  11. Furball, how's it going? Gotta a chuckle at your message, your on. I'm a lean mean ars kickin machine.
  12. i'm baaaack! prepared to be pummelled ya short legged puffball!
  13. I'm glad to hear it wasn't what you were worried it was, but you will still have to find out. Glad to hear your not as stressed. Take care, and if you ever want to gab, give me a shout, fat cat, lol, Moe.
  14. well we got word back that the thing we thought might have been wrong with the hubby is fine. so we're still trying to figure it out. but tg the stress is easing up.
  15. dropping in and saying hello.
  16. Hi ya fat cat, nice of you to drop in. And nope, don't want no more stress, got myself more than enough. Hopefully by next month things will slow down more in all our lives so we can toment one another again. Take care, and don't get too stressed out, Garfields waistline is bad enough now, {so is mine} take care, Moe.

  17. ok, that's enuf mushiness. sorry i haven't been around much for you to torment. lots going on here. stresses galore! can i send u some?
  18. Happy Canada Day you big furry hairball, lol.
  19. Well let Garfield give it to them all,lol. Have a great weekend, Moe.
  20. garfield likes to tell it like it is !
  21. Hi
  22. Ya, I haven't had much time to get in there and play, and I understand about men being dorks.
  23. thanks moe been sidetracked lately, but hopefully things will settle here (men an be suck dorks). want to get back in the game..err..gamesroom!
  24. Good thanks, just thought I would say hello, love your home page here, looks awesome.
  25. he's hiding in the little room out in back of the o studio i designed. lmao, how are you hon?
  26. Where did that cat friend of mine go?
  27. I know you didn't know and you were right, that was cute, thank you.
  28. ok, well, i didn't actually forget, since i didn't know, but this was just too cute!! (that's so kewl that we are one day of each other!)

  29. Just by a little, it was yesterday.
  30. when is/was yours??? did i miss it??
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